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\"worldblu* 10 cents for every tweet, during the party, will go to Haiti Partners.

Think about the best company you’ve ever worked for in your life.

Ask yourself what they did so well compared to the companies you didn’t enjoy working for.

Many of the answers are usually:

1. I loved my boss.

2. I had a flexible work schedule.

3. My manager cared about my happiness.

This was possible because the company encouraged this philosophy. It’s this type of thinking that WorldBlu helps companies develop. It’s why this Twitter party is so important. A more democratic work environment means more flexibility, more happiness and better results.

Traci Fenton of WorldBlu is throwing the WorldBlu Party to help you connect with other thought leaders in the business world. The Party is hosted by yours truly – Karl Staib of Domino Connect.

During the party you\’ll learn about:

  • Why democracy in the workplace is so important.
  • What companies are a part of the WorldBlu List.
  • Best practices that you can implement into your company to make it more successful.

Mark your calendar now: Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 at 12pm ET 

How the Twitter Party Works

  • Traci Fenton the CEO of WorldBlu and her team will be hanging out with you on Twitter answering your questions while we chat about democracy in the workplace.
  • Karl (@dominoconnect on Twitter) will ask you questions and announce prizes for you to win with your answers all during our Twitter party.

How to Participate:

  1. Follow along and play at Twitter Search or Tweet Chat (My favorite because it auto-populates)
  2. Join the party by tweeting using the hashtag #WBL2013
  3. Have fun, raise money for Haiti, meet new friends, and win prizes.

During the WorldBlu Party we will be asking you questions related to your own experiences. To win prizes, all you have to do is let your friends know about the party, answer the questions and retweet good responses using the #WBL2013 hashtag! It’s that simple.

You could win…

  • Grand Prize – WorldBlu Live conference pass. ($1,500)
  • A copy of \”How: why how anything means everything\”, by Dove Siedman ($27.95)
  • A copy of \”Consensus through Conversation: how to achieve high-commitment decisions\”, by Larry Dressler ($15.95)

That’s over $1,540 in prizes!


When the WorldBlu Party starts make sure you are following:

We want to make sure that you are in the loop for everything that is going on during the party and especially if you win any of the prizes.

Extra Entries

Tweet about the prize you want to win at the WorldBlu Party to increase your chances of winning a prize. At the beginning of the party, there will be a prize awarded to a person who helps spread the word about this great party via Twitter. Write your own tweet or use the following example…


Planning on attending?  Let us know by adding your Twitter name and Twitter URL.

(ex. @tinybuddha,

About WorldBlu \"Traci

Traci Fenton has spent over a decade traveling the world, researching, studying, and interacting with top democratic workplaces and thought-leaders in organizational development and democratic management. Her guiding question was, “What does democracy mean to you, and how can it be applied in the workplace in a way that benefits the people, the bottom-line and the world?”

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Supported Charity – Haiti Partners

\"YoungHaiti Partners is a network of educators, church and community leaders, and development professionals with decades of in-country experience in Haiti committed to, “helping Haitians change Haiti through education.” We work with schools, churches and organizations to transform communities. We advocate for justice, respectful partnerships, and a commitment to truth within the larger movement of God’s transformative work.

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