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You are here because you’re probably curious to what a Party Connect Launch can do for your business. If you enjoy social media you are in the right place.

I throw online parties for businesses trying to market their products. I specialize in Twitter parties. It’s marketing that is actually fun instead of the old style of push marketing.

I believe in building relationships with people so they know, like and trust you. It’s the foundation of all good social media marketing. When you build this trust with your customers that’s when they start telling their friends and family about your great work. They do this in person, on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. You have to give them a reason to do this and that’s where I come in. I throw you a party and create a conversation on Twitter about your product.

If you still aren’t sure how a Twitter party can help you check out these testimonials. They’ll explain how I helped their business.

You can also join in on a Twitter party before you sign up. Be careful though, they are very addicting. Who doesn’t like a party that they can attend in their underwear?

Here are a few articles to help you understand how a Party Connection Launch works:

If you have a product that you want to launch then throwing a Twitter party is perfect to create some buzz. I would love to help you do that for a small portion of your attention.

If you are interested here are the rules:

  1. Sign-up for my newsletter alerts (I only send these out when I have a party with some cool prizes that I want you to know about.)
  2. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post and tell me what you are launching and what you would gain from a Twitter party.

That’s it. You have to do both otherwise you are ineligible to win. I’ll pick the winner based on the person with the most need.

The contest ends on June 6th. The drawing of the raffle winners will be held on June 7th. I’ll pick the winner, notify that person on June 8th and when s/he accepts I’ll let all of you know. The winner has 30 days to redeem his/her prize.

Good luck and may the best business win.

* All “Done4You” Giveaway contributors are independent business owners, and are operating in conjunction with, but SEPARATELY from, the “Done4You” Giveaway promotion.

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33 thoughts on “Win a Twitter Party for Your Biz”

  1. Ohh a Twitter Party – I would love one.

    Hmm – what will I be launching? My site – so it will be a relaunch. I am realigning my services, adding my new course and launching an ebook.

    What would I gain from the Twitter Party? – The obvious answers would be exposure and publicity. But I really believe the Twitter Party will also give me momentum. Momentum to keep pushing and working to build my online business

    Thanks for the opportunity Karl


  2. Hi Ainslie, A site relaunch is a great reason to have a Twitter party.

    I’m glad you found this page. I haven’t advertised it yet. Excited to have your interest. Good luck!

  3. A year ago I was paralyzed by a stroke but have fought back to full participation in life and work. I’m relaunching a new site and business to launch a new stage in business and life.

  4. Our business is community oriented, and our mission is using coupons: encouraging hope. I’d love to launch (increase!) our community awareness of our workshops, product line, and subscription service, and increase awareness of mission of helping others in need! If we could do this via a twitter party, getting people to commit to giving, I think it’d be a really neat way to share our unique vision!

    Exposure would be great, but I think getting people EXCITED about giving would be the the benefit I’m searching for!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  5. I’m writing a romance fiction novel, which I plan to self-publish. I want control over quality, content and time for publication. I would LOVE to have a twitter party to launch the book-which I plan to publish this year. Thanks for this chance!

  6. Hello Karl, I have never come across a Twitter party and love the idea. We are launching a world unique IT security application for smart phones. Using new tools to further promote the product would definitely be a way to gain exposure with market shares we have not reached yet. Thank you for donating your time, it’s a great way to get yourself known while being of service to newcomers.

  7. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I need to re-launch my website with some new copy as through my study and coaching over the last few months, I have discovered my real passion and now am really exicted and motivated to get this started.

    This would give me an opportunity for some terrific exposure and the resultant business may just be what I need to transition full-time into my business so that I can continue serving others with the gifts that I know that I can offer rather than working in a dead-end job that I am no longer passionate about.

    This would be a fabulous turning point for me and I truly appreciate the opportunity.

    Thank you
    Warm Regards

  8. I want to launch my book, Uncover Joy: The path beyond pain, trauma, and self-defeating patterns, using Energy Dynamics. the blog for the book is It is the result of over 30 years work helping people clear pain and move into a positive and successful experience of life.

  9. I’m interested in a twitter party to help me relaunch my business. I am a life coach and shortly after I started my business I was diagnosed with cancer. I now live with cancer, however, my new niche is to work with other women living with cancer. To help them find their inner beauty and live through their true essence. I can’t think of a better thing to celebrate than being a cancer thriver.

  10. I am just launching an incredibly innovative and unique coupon program that benefits both businesses and consumers. Coupons is the #1 searched for word on Google today and now there is a better way!

    Key benefits for businesses is we marketing their offers on Google and Facebook vs. just to a subscribed list of deal seekers. We also give business owners access to this list to market to these people other deals they may have.

    For consumers, we have an affiliate program that is so robust! A person can refer others and get QClub points to redeem OR EARN CASH!

    I would love to throw a Twitter party and make this launch the best yet! I believe our program, having learned from some of the biggies like Groupon, LivingSocial, Yelp and more, has taken all the best and added other powerful features that will make this a potential record breaker!

    We launch June 24th and I am looking for innovative marketing ideas and potential key well networked individuals to launch the affiliate program with a huge bang!

    Let’s party!

  11. I love the responses that I’ve received so far. I wish I could pick everyone.

    I just want to let everyone know that the more detail that they give the more I understand how I can help them with a Twitter party.

  12. I have a fledgling coaching and consulting business with the goal of helping people who want to work for justice in the world move “from good intentions to powerful action.” I know there are tons of people out there who are in a lot of pain about the injustice, environmental destruction, and corporate takeover that are happening now, but feel powerless to have an effect. I know how to help people make powerful change AND how to help people remove their personal blocks to going for it. What I haven’t succeeded in yet is finding a way to monetize this. A Twitter party could be just the thing to help me grow the list I use to invite people to my free introductory teleseminars, while at the same time providing me with valuable additional insight into what people need via the questions and comments they tweet. I also think that because of the seriousness of what I do, it could be really helpful to approach people with a fun way to engage. Thank you for this opportunity, and for sparking my imagination on this topic! (And for not making me say all this in 140 characters!)

  13. Hi Karl,

    I’ve heard people tweeting about these twitter parties, but never knew what it was really all about. I’d love to learn more and be able to use it.

    I help parents of children with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders learn how to use diet and natural therapies to overcome the symptoms their children struggle with daily. I’m launching my new website today! In June, my next big step is to launch a free parenting community all about natural solutions to autism and ADHD. My readers are already overwhelmed financially at the high costs of therapists, doctors, special schools and more… This forum will give them a place to connect with others who are going through the same isolating circumstances and find information and resources to help. After the free forum gains momentum with new members (this part will always be free), I will introduce an additional level at low-cost for more information and help directly from me. It is a way for me to interact without the high cost of private consultations.

    So, all this to say I’m totally redesigning the way I work with clients to be able to provide these services to more people and to have a twitter party to announce the new forum would be perfect! I’ve already got prizes lined up for monthly giveaways for the forum. Now I just need to learn how to run one of these parties and I can do a prize giveaway then – sure would love the help! 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. I would love a Twitter party to help spread the word about my inspirational children’s books The Financial Fairy Tales. Helping kids and parents grow up with positive messages about money through fun and empowering stories.

  15. Hi Karl, I want to have a Twitter party to launch a new free e-book that I am putting hot off the press…Life Source Writing: Getting Started Guided – discover and nourish YOU with reflective journaling.
    I have the cover, the content, the almost finished landing/opt-in page – now I just need a twitter party 🙂 The party would help me spread Life Source Writing far and wide…into the hearts and journal pages of people everywhere who want to “write for the health of it.” Karl, thanks so much for the opportunity to cue up to win this great giveaway!

  16. Twitter party – it sounds soooooooooo cool! I have never come across this idea before, it sounds so original!

    As a Coaching Business Start-Up Strategist, I am launching a vritual event for coaches and would love to create some buzz around it. I saw in my previous launches that social media plays an important role in creating publicity and excitement around your event and for me Twitter is still a yet to-be discovered and conquered field.

    Thank you for offering this opportunity Karl,


  17. I have a very cool product called Hair Shimmers, which are thin strips of silk that come in various colors. One Shimmer is tied to one piece of hair. They can last up to 12+ weeks without falling out and you can color, blow dry, flat iron, or curl your hair without harming them. As a relationship coach, I use these as a tool to help people make new social connections, for they are actually conversation magnets. They are so cool looking that people naturally approach you to find out about them. You can see a video about it on my website at I want the world to Shimmer to make new social connections and I think a Twitter party might just be the right venue to get the word out!

  18. I have recreated my website and am restarting my marketing efforts after a break with my business. I haven’t used Twitter much for my business and have had a hard time figuring the best way to use it with my business.
    Thanks for the information!

  19. Hello! I have seen twitter parties, but would have no clue how to do one myself! This would be a perfect time for me as I am starting my own business now after being laid off my job recently.

    I design & create little girls dresses, both new & from vintage fabrics. I also have designed a cottage style card table play house, hobby horses, tutus, etc.

    I am hoping to launch my new website late June —waiting for it to finallly warm up and be nice weather for my photo shoot! A twitter party would be a fabulous –& fun– way to help my new business!!

    Oh….you should take a peek at the cottage tent: It is so cute!!

  20. We’re launching a commercial estate training and coaching business.

    My husband delivers live training to real estate marketing groups around the country and now we’re creating a national training program. A twitter party would be a terrific way to launch it.

    One example is training on ways to buy real estate for no or little money down.


  21. I am launching a new freebie I just created for online entrepreneurs. Its called The Online Entrepreneur’s Legal Checklist and it will be available for free download on my website. I’d like to build some buzz around this product which provides a lot of guidance and value to entrepreneurs who don’t have an attorney. I also want to raise awareness about my online based law practice focused on serving Gen Y and online entrepreneurs.

  22. I’ve never heard of a twitter party before…fascinating!

    I’m interested in expanding my already successful business.

    As a result of a near death experience in childhood, I am able to see the lessons, gifts and blocks in individuals and give them the tools required to help them instantly clear the energy in the blocks that are holding them back from creating what they want. People experience immediate results!

    My intention is to give away a few free “laser coaching sessions” during the twitter party.

  23. I’m launching the beta version (at an introductory price) of my innovative all-in-one, Online
    solution for accountability, forums, chats, content, progress tracking,goal-setting, community building and more. It is a reasonably-priced way to help even your most stuck clients succeed.A business model that is spelled out for you and that has been proven to work. I have created a membership site that is non-content based — focusing mostly on accountability, that has 34 groups averaging 12 each, and 447 members paying $60-$70 a month. Other coaches run the online groups, and the business goes on without me! Last year I made $183,000, most of which came from the passive income from running my site. I’m now licensing the site, at beta prices, to other change agents — coaches, consultant, trainers — who have clients needing accountability and who would like to have a lively active community and clients that actually get things done! My site is My plan is to waive the set-up fee (a savings off the already low $1000 beta price), which includes complete customization of the site with your logo, colors and url, and training in how to use the site and be successful in marketing, leveraging and creating passive income. Come see the testimonial page that comes from just the alpha stage of testing the software at to see how life transforming it can be for your clients to have this experience. I’m just getting started in Twitter in this business, and I have a small newsletter list (I have 14,000 newsletter list in my other business, but it does not cross pollinate, unfortunately!). I’d love to build my twitter following and newsletter list, and have interested people write me at to sign up to be in on the beta launch of this business. I’ve been inundated already after my talk at Wealthy Thought Leader last week in Vancouver, but I want to find more qualified applicants!

  24. I would love a Twitter Party to help launch my book series for baby boomers. I know how to throw a party — but you know how to give it the TWEET effect!

  25. Just last week I launched a course to help people find their Thing – the work they love to do, that they’re good at and that supports them financially.

    My biggest struggle in my business has always been balancing the creation of my offerings with the promotion process. By far, promotion is the least comfortable aspect of what I do.

    I had a blast at the Twitter Party you held for Rachael Acklin, and I’d love to have your help in generating twitter buzz around my course to increase sign-ups!

    Thanks for holding this contest, Karl!

  26. I am launching my business and website. I help parents of special needs children who are having relationship problems to transform their marriage. I know first hand how hard and stressful it is and want to help keep these families together and happy.
    I think a twitter party is an excellent way to get some exposure and let the special needs community know that there is someone right here who cares and can help. I am just getting my feet wet with twitter and would really appreciate some education.

  27. I am launching a new health and transformation coaching business, my website, and my blog Transformation Over Tapas. As a coach I work with women who are looking to be healthier and happier and reach their potential. I’ve never heard of a Twitter party, and in fact I have yet to set up my Twitter account (it’s on the to-do list). I need to better use social media and this would be a great way to do that! Looking forward to learning more.

  28. I am creating a conflict resolution/relationship enhancement do it yourself product for couples in committed relationships who want to save or improve their relationship. The product will walk them step by step through a process that I have a proven track record with and that can have huge impact on a relationship from just the first conversation. lt will be low cost and simple to use. I’d love a Twitter party to get the word out and generate some excitement so that I can help as many people as possible as fast as possible. Our relationships shape our lives and make a critical difference in the quality of our lives. I’m committed to helping people improve their relationships. Launch budget for this product is tight and a Twitter party put on by an expert like you would be a great boon to getting this off on the right foot.

  29. Twitter is still a bit of a mystery to me, although I use it sporadically. So a Twitter party would really give me insight into how to use Twitter and the benefits. I’m launching a new business soon and I ‘get’ the iimportance of social media, but haven’t had time to implement. It’s about time!

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