Why Zombies and Social Media Fit so Well Together

\"\"The beauty about social media is it can work for anyone if done in the right way. Jonathan Maberry is able to do it the right way. He is the best-selling author and and Bram Stoker Award-winner. He writes non-fiction and fiction, but I found him because of his zombie stories.

He was a great interview. We just clicked. I wanted to keep him on the phone longer, but I know he had to get back to his grueling writing schedule. He is a prolific writer that writes every single day and for very long stretches. When you get in the zone you gotta let the creativity flow. He also finds time for social media, which I believe all authors should embrace.

One of my favorite topics during our interview was how he crafted his stories. He told me the stories are never focused on the zombies. The narrative is always crafted around the characters and how they deal with their problems.

In this interview we talk about:

  • What it takes to build a writing career.
  • What social media is really all about.
  • Who his all time favorite character from his books was.
  • Why every writer needs to know the difference between writing and publishing.

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My favorite quote from this podcast was…

“I get to play in my imagination all day long.”

-Jonathan Maberry

There are a ton of great gems. Enjoy!

* October 25th Jonathan is a featured expert for the History Channel on a 2 hour show about Zombies. Add that one to your Tivo. You can also check Jonathan Maberry on Twitter.

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