What Type of Twitter Party Should I Throw?

There are two main types of Twitter parties. Each one is meant to create a conversation on Twitter. Getting the conversation flowing is the most important part of a Twitter party, so as long at this happens both types can be a successful.

1st Type – Teleconference with Twitter Chat

I set up a conference call for the person I’m hosting the party for and I let them talk to 2-3 other experts who can add value to the topic. I’m on Twitter asking questions and engaging the audience while the experts toss out there verbal gems.

2nd Type – Twitter Chat

During this type of Twitter party the conversation is just on Twitter. This conversation also revolves around poignant questions that get people talking and sharing, but is a more rapid fire way of communicating. The questions stir the pot and get people engaging with each other, making friends and winning prizes.

Finding the Connection

Every person has their own method of connecting with people. It’s my job to figure out what would help the person who is throwing the Twitter party to build a connection with the people at the party.

I’m going to tell you a little story about blue eyed woman who learned a valuable lesson as she built her business. This is a short story, but a very poignant one.

This blue eyed woman was very shy, but people loved her. She was open, honest, and engaging. The thing was she hated being the person who initiated conversation. She preferred to be someone that people came to for advice.

One of her first jobs out of college was in sales. She sold cosmetics to soccer moms. She wasn’t the best, but she really didn’t have to try that hard to be in the middle of the pack. After a couple years she left to work for a company as an event planner. She enjoyed the job, but had a tough time balancing all the details between each client.

She decided to start her own company. What could be better? She had conveniently forgotten about was her distaste for sales. She decided to hire a marketing coach to figure out what she was doing wrong and how to fix her marketing problem.

The coach broke down her core values, her superpowers, and helped her develop a plan that fit her needs. She stopped doing marketing that she hated like cold calling and chamber of commerce meetings. She started attending local public parties and using social media (Facebook and Twitter) to create more awareness. This marketing didn’t feel like work. It allowed her to be her without pushing herself on to people. Her business grew at only a slightly better pace, but she had a lot more fun running the business.

Personality Types

Every person has different personality traits that helps them connect with people. The things is too often a person doesn’t play to their personality strengths and they try to be someone they’re not.


The audio with the Twitter chat is a party is for people who love to talk as they share ideas. When I work with someone who is expressive and has a lot to say I tell them to create a teleconference and Twitter chat to compliment the audio. It all depends on the person’s comfort level. I usually suggest this for public speakers and people who do a lot of interviews.


I like to throw Twitter chat parties for people who are more introverted and don’t want to fill in space. This is a more low key approach to connecting with a new audience. If you are a quick on the keyboard this is perfect for you.


Any good marketing event will allow you to build a deeper connection with people engaging in the event. Marketing always come back to the concepts of know, like and trust. You have to build the awareness and during this process the like and trust start to form.

You have to connect with people in a way that gets you excited. You can’t be a big bully and do it in a way that doesn’t fit your personality. This is simple advice that so many people ignore. It’s so much easier to throw a Twitter party that fits your style than force yourself to do something that doesn’t fit naturally to you.

2 thoughts on “What Type of Twitter Party Should I Throw?”

  1. Good stuff, Karl, and who doesn’t like a party, right?

    Love the short story you told. There’s never a reward in trying to put a square peg in a round hole. The blinking thing will never fit!

    Personality types would definitely play into what kind of Twitter party would be best to host.

    I’m very much an introvert but I love to speak in front of live audiences. Go figure. Maybe I should call myself an “inextrovert”. LOL

    Party On!

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