What is a Customer Feedback Loop?


Is there some big thing you’ve always wanted?

You might want to buy a beautiful island in the Caribbean. That would be cool, but you can’t have it all though, can you?

Just like you can’t build a great business and make every single customer happy.

It’s impossible, right?

Don’t think too much about it right now.

I want you to focus on this moment.

There will always be an unhappy customer at some point. There will always be something you can\’t buy. Like your own island.

You can and should focus on this moment.

Right now.

It seems like something little, but it\’s where every action start.

In the present moment.

The more actions you take, the closer you can get to making your dreams come true.

Big Picture

Maybe 80% of your customers give you a rating of an 8 or higher. No company in the history of the world has received all 10\’s. You\’ll never have 100% satisfaction from your customers. That\’s ok. Reasonable expectations are a good thing.

80% at a 8 or higher is a great start.

How do you even know if every customer is really happy?

You don’t, but you need to try.

How do you find out?

You need to ask.

That’s why a customer feedback loop is so important.

I have a customer that is getting off the charts great feedback. Almost 10’s across the board. They like all of us aren’t perfect.


They got two 2s and they were able to solve both customer’s issue quickly. That\’s the beauty of asking and tracking the responses. You can to make the customer experience better as well as improve upon common issues that keep occurring.

A customer feedback loop is an ongoing conversation with your customers about what is going well and what could be improved.

The higher the quality feedback you can gather from your customers the easier it is to figure out what you can do better.

The hard part will be getting people to give you their time.

Most Important Part

The most important part of this process is to continue to gather feedback so you can compare it to past feedback.

Are you improving upon your customer experience?

The only way to know is to keep tracking and review on a regular basis. I advise most of clients to either review their feedback once a week, a month or once a quarter. This will of course depend on the type of business you run. You want to find a comfortable balance for the customer as well as for you and your team.

The idea is to make it so simple that they are willing to use their valuable time to give you feedback.

That’s why I use the Domino Promotion Sequence (DPS), based off of Net Promoter Score.

Each person who loves what you do will promote you to their friends. They’ll tip like dominoes from one person to the next.

It’s a system that helps you get better feedback and use it to improve your User Experience and Customer Experience.

There are a couple key components to DPS.

The first part is the rating from 0 – 10

Breaking Down the Scores

Here is how people who take your survey are classified.

10 and 9 – Promoters
8 and 7 – Passives
6 thru 0 – Detractors

These classifications are a good guideline. Every score is important. Each person\’s feedback should be responded to and each person should be made to feel important.

Many times you can turn them from a detractor or passive into a promoter of your company.

The 2nd step is finding out why they feel this way.

The 3rd step is understanding why they choose to buy from you.

It’s this part that will help you understand their main pain points and how to improve the copywriting on your website.

The 4th step is finding out what you could do to improve upon their experience.

There is always something to improve. Even if they give you a rating of a 10 there is always something you could have done better.

Keep a Positive Perspective

You shouldn’t get too high or low about the feedback that you receive.

Sometimes the feedback can be hard to hear, especially if the customer gives you a low score, so never take any of the feedback personal.

Most of the time people just want to be heard. When you reply back to someone they will be thrilled that you actually care about the product and want to improve upon their experience.

Most of the time you want to hear multiple complaints a few times before you start taking action to improve it.

If you try to fix every problem/issue that occurs you’ll wear yourself and your staff out. You want to focus on the most important issues at all times.

Remember you can\’t make every customer happy, but you can listen to every customer and make them feel important even if you can\’t always solve their problem.

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