Week 2 of 30 Day Connection Challenge

\"30We finished with the 2nd week of our 30 Day Connection Challenge. This is the rough point of any challenge, keeping your momentum going and deciding if you should pull back a bit or maybe take it up a notch.

It’s your choice to take it up a notch or slow it down.

You have a chance to grab people’s attention. You can seize this opportunity to connect or pull back. This challenge was meant to push you past your comfort zone. Now if you are getting stressed out and hives are popping out on your chest then I suggest you listen to your body and pull back.

If you are just a little afraid and it’s easier to stay in your normal routine then this is the time to double down your efforts to connect with new people.

A Little Inspiration

I was recently inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk hard sales push on his new book coming out. He is hustling his butt off.

He has created a page to help encourage book sales. You can buy 60 books to get 10 minutes of his time.


He knows that if he pushes hard now he can pull back and ride the wave of his best seller. I guarantee it will be a best seller.

The thing is he doesn’t need to sell 10 min slots of his time to sell a lot of books. You never see people in similar career positions do this because it’s so tough on their time. That’s what makes it so brilliant. It’s hands on, dirty, digging down deep to connect.

You need to push yourself just a bit to get better results. That means putting in the hustle and making connections you didn’t think were possible.

Your Connection Plan

Hopefully you created a 30 Day Connection Plan that pushed you outside your comfort zone because that’s where you will see the biggest gains.

You need to push hard, within your stress levels of course, then ride the wave of these connections, then rest a bit until you can start your next 30 Day Connection Challenge.

Now is the time to reach out to people who make your heart skip a beat because you don’t want them to ignore you or worse say “No”.

If you don’t do it during this Connection Challenge will you do it next month or even next year?

Time to seize your next connection!

Inspiration Part 2

A friend of mine, Selena Soo, put together a very smart blog post about how she was able to connect with best-selling author and prolific blogger Danielle LaPorte.

She explained how she offered to help put pitch her book to Oprah. She put an amazing care package together and really grabbed Oprah team’s attention.

Check out her amazing package:


Doing a little hard work for free and for the right people can go a long way.

Carve Out Time to Celebrate

As you are working hard to improve your connections you have to do something very important.

Take time to celebrate your hard work, not just your wins.

Celebration will help you remember how important it is to keep your connections growing. You’ll reinforce these good habits.

So let’s hear it!

What are you grateful for so far in your 30 Day Connection Challenge?

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