Website Review of Best Selling Author Pam Slim

Every website review teaches me something new.

I hope you get to learn as well.

Too  often we think experts have it all figured out. It\’s so far from the truth. I\’ve worked with some very talented and successful people and they struggle with their website as much as everyone else.

With every review most of the focus is on mistakes that I see. There are so many positives on her site and I do touch on this, but my main focus is how to improve the User Experience and increase conversions on her site.

I’m a huge fan of Pam Slim. I went to her Lift Off retreat a few years ago and she is super smart.

There are many things on her site that are probably there for a reason from branding to conversion. If I could look at her analytics and run A/B tests then I would probably offer a new ideas as well as adjust my current recommendations.

Now it’s time to dig in and learn from one of the best life coaches out there.

Breakdown of top of the home page:


Great quote, but I’m not sure what you do in 5 seconds.

How many people click on the social media buttons? I would love to see a heat map of her homepage and where people are clicking and where they aren’t.

Wonderful image that captures her personality.

Middle of home page:


Love the Indispensable Community Tour! It shows that she lives what she preaches.

I also love the logos of companies she spoken at because it shows how popular and sought after she is in the tech community.

How often is”book Pam to speak” button clicked? This needs to stand out more and be accompanied with a testimonial.

3/4 Down on the Home Page


I like the high quality video here. They can see a sample of her speaking.

Good quote. Would like to see it pop more.

The email sign-up should probably be further up the page, so she can collect more emails. Blue buttons with a blue theme usually don’t convert well. Would like to test out conversion with a red button.

End of home page:


I like the book offer here. It is a good chance to get a sale and deepen the connection.

I would like to see the email sign-up box at the top of the page or very close to the top.

How often are the social media buttons clicked at the bottom? Would be good to A/B test to remove them.

Breakdown of About page:


We know what Pam looks like from the home page. Use this important space to capture people’s attention.

If she would bring the text up she could capture people’s attention with 1-2 short paragraphs and then a photo.

Plugins she could use:

I would use a pop-up to capture people’s emails. There are many times people don’t see the email sign-up area and they want updates. Pam may not want to use this plugin. Many people don’t like it because they think it takes away from the experience on the site.

The choice comes down what goals Pam has for her site and how she wants to reach them.

Your Turn

Now it’s time to go and look at your website. What did you learn that you could apply to your own site?

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