Website Conversion Rate Tips with Neil Patel

\"NeilNeil Patel is a multi-varied web talent. He has helped some of the big players in the online world such as Microsoft, Tech Crunch and NBC.

His website Quick Sprout is one of the must read blogs that I make sure not to miss every time Neil publishes a new article.

A lot of you may have noticed the increase conversation about website conversion rates. A lot of what I learned stems from Neil’s teaching.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. How A/B testing works and what to focus on for your website.
  2. What you can do to build trust in your community.
  3. What the secret to Neil’s happiness.

You can also  check out Neil on Twitter at @neilpatel. He is very active.

What did you learn from the video? (Share in the comment section below.)

Listen to the interview here:

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