Unlock Your Website\’s Hidden Potential With Heat Mapping Software

There are people who want to buy from you, but don’t because it your website pages aren’t set-up to deepen the connection with your readers.

I recently ran a heat mapping test for Erin of Grocery Budget Makeover and I noticed that halfway through her FAQ visitors attention started to drop off on your sales page.


I used CrazyEgg\’s heat mapping software, which I like over the other heat mapping software out there.

So we created a “b” version by eliminating the cold area and pushed the guarantee up the page because it wasn’t being seen. We tested it against the the original page by splitting the traffic and low and behold we increased sales by 8.93%. That’s an extra sale for every 11 visitors.


We also increased the sales on the checkout page where they have to fill in their name and credit card information by 16.9%.


The traffic was coming in quickly, but we were able to parcel it out over several days to have a stronger confidence level that this would be a good change. I like to be at 95%, but sometimes you have to make a decision quick during a launch, so we can get another test in.

As you can see the blue line (the variable page), with the adjustments, consistently did better each day.


Even on the checkout page the visitors liked the guarantee in the new location because they were also more likely to complete their checkout.


I used Visual Website Optimizer to run these A/B tests.

We kicked butt on this test and I’m very proud of our work.

The reason I tell you this story is not to brag. I want to show you it’s possible to get more leverage from your website and past customers.

There is hidden gold in using heat mapping software. It allows you to visually look at a site and see what isn\’t working. Then you can A/B test so that you are collecting and using the data that will help you make an informed decision.

The more data you have the harder it gets to discern what is important and what isn’t, but don’t be afraid of looking at your analytics to improve your customer experience (CX).

If you keep looking at the same reports from your analytics I suggest trying to take a fresh perspective. If you haven’t looked at your analytics in awhile, now is the time to dive in and see where you can direct people to get the most value out of your website.

Go and take a quick look at your website analytics. What are your most popular pages? Are you using them well? Are they collecting leads and generating sales for you?

The longer you procrastinate on all the great data you have the longer it will take to wade through it.

* If you want help understanding where you can grab people\’s attention and deepen the connection on your site then let\’s chat about using heat mapping software. We can setup a consultation when you are ready to improve conversions.

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