Understanding Your Money Relationship with Melanie Strick

\"Melanie-strick-dc\"Your relationship with money will dictate how successful your business can become. If you have a good relationship with money, money flows easier. Understand what is holding you back so you can increase your wealth in a balanced way.

Melanie Strick is a money DNA expert that helps people break down what is holding them back and what they need to do to create a happier relationship with money.

The best quotes from the interview were:

Click to Tweet – “What thoughts go through my mind that lead me to taking action?”

“What am I making the situation in my life mean and how much power am I allowing myself to have to change it.”

Click to Tweet – “What do you have your eye on and what have you been unwilling to do to get there?”

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In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. How to understand your relationship to money.
  2. 6 destructive personality blueprints that hold people back from earning more money.
  3. Creating the mindset that helps you attract more money into your business.

You can also check out Melanie’s website to learn more about building a better relationship with money.

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