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\"\"You ever run down a steep hill as fast as you can?

You remember doing this as a kid don’t you? Your feet can’t keep up and your upper body starts leaning farther and farther forward until you can’t maintain balance any more. Then the tumble starts and at first you are scared then as your momentum slows, the rush kicks in and you laugh. You laugh so hard that tears come to your eyes.

That’s what launching a product is like.

As a blogger I’ve launched quite a few products in my day, many of them flops and many of them successful. The biggest difference between a successful launch and a flop was so minimal it amazed me.

It felt like I almost didn’t do anything differently, but then I began to see a pattern. The launches that went well had a lot of passion behind them. Either my client or I saw a need that wasn’t being fulfilled and ran with the idea. They wanted to help as many people as possible.

As you know having a good product idea is great, but the devil is in the details as us “marketing geeks” like to say.

Being able to execute your great idea makes all the difference.

I’m not going to go step by step through the whole launch process because that would require enough blog posts for a 500 page book. So I’ll cover the few key concepts of launching a Twitter party so you get the desired results.

I’m covering this topic because I’ve thrown over 30 Twitter parties for personal development and business thought leaders. I’ve seen why some parties flop while others take on a life of their own.

If you are interested in throwing your own Twitter party for your launch I would suggest bookmarking this page or checking out my new course coming out very soon, The Twitter Party Course for Authors, Speakers and Thought Leaders. I’m giving away all my secrets, so you can generate sales and increase your Twitter authority.

You need to ask yourself a few key questions:

  1. Why did you create this product?
  2. Who do you want to buy your product?
  3. What is your main goal in throwing a Twitter party?

1. Why did you create this product?

You’re launching your product for a reason. That goes without saying, but understanding your “why” will make it easy for you to bring some passion to this online event.

I’ve thrown Twitter parties for nada, zip, and zero people. It wasn’t a very pleasant experience. This was in my earlier days, but it’s possible if you don’t bring the spicy sauce to the meal that no one will show up.

Let’s use a fitness example for people who use the computer all day long. If you’ve felt pain in your wrists from typing all day, you know how painful carpal tunnel can be. Because of your experience you understand why your exercise book for office employees is so important. You know the pain that can shoot up your arm and make typing almost unbearable.

Tap into these feelings. Understand the pain and create a theme around these pain points. When you talk about your Twitter party on your blog, Twitter and other social media outlets use the Domino Marketing Effect to your advantage. You have to slowly build up attention and increase touch points as you get closer to the day of the party.

One of the key points of throwing a good party is showing a lot of enthusiasm for what you created. People want to get excited about your Twitter party if you give them a reason to do so.

This excitement is what creates a sharable event.

Then look at why you created this product, what are your potential customer’s pain points?

2. Who do you want to buy your product?

You want people who have a need for your product to buy it. If you go after the wrong target market you’ll end up with a lot fewer sales and unhappy customers.

Let’s stick with the carpal tunnel syndrome example. You need to understand exactly where these people work, play and hang out. If they are at work during the day and can’t attend a Twitter party in the afternoon then you need to throw the Twitter party at night. This is a simple concept, but many people don’t get it right.

I want you to write down a description of your “ideal” customer. Try to list everything that you can about their personality, what type of work they love to do, who they share new ideas with, etc.

The clearer you get on who you want to buy your product the easier it will be to create a Twitter party that wows them and gets them sharing the party with their friends.

With clarity comes goals that will drive your motivation.

3. What is your main goal in throwing a Twitter party?

You have to think of a Twitter party as a big picture event. You don’t throw a Twitter party because you are desperate to make sales and you are afraid you may not be able to pay the rent next month. You throw a party because you are trying to build trust with your audience so when they are ready to buy you are at the top of their mind.

People share your ideas, blog posts and products with their friends, only after you’ve earned their trust. That’s the beauty of a Twitter party. You create a shareable event that builds trust with your “ideal” people.

By looking at what your goal is for the Twitter party you know what you want to accomplish. Not everyone who throws a Twitter party wants sales. It can be used as an awareness and authority tool. If you are going for sales that means you have to be strategic behind how you create party.

That’s why I created The Twitter Party Course for Authors, Speakers and Thought Leaders. I wanted to give you all the tools to create an amazing Twitter party for yourself.

One major tip which you must implement if you throw your own Twitter party, is having a clear call to action for the people who attend. You want people to know why you are throwing the party and what step they need to take next.

Your Turn

Have you ever created a micro-event like a Twitter party? What is one tip you would suggest people implement?

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