Thank you for this wonderful year

I just want to take a moment to thank you for being a part of the Domino Connection community. It means so much that you read the articles, share them with friends, and comment with new ideas.

I’m grateful for all the time you spent building your business.

I’m grateful for the people in this community that have hired me to help with improve Domino Experience (DX). Using User Experience (UX) to improve Customer Experience. It’s this domino effect that my clients love.

I’ve been making more of a shift toward health and wellness companies.

I still help forward thinking companies that aren’t in the health and wellness industry, but my focus will be in this area in 2016. I understand it well going through my own health issues from cancer in 2010.

Been 5 years cancer free!

Having an ulcer this past summer, showed me a lot of ways to improve the health care experience.

I quit drinking because of my ulcer and I have more energy than I had in years.

I’m just so grateful that my business has doubled this year from last. It’s mostly just me at Domino Connection and a few trusted friends/contractors that help me with design and programming.

Not all of you are ready for the Domino Experience.


I say yet because I do want to help you when you are ready.

Many of you are in the early stages of building a business and aren’t ready for someone to help you improve UX and increase conversions on your website.

I get it.

For those of you that are ready to dig deeper into your customer feedback loopswebsite analyticsheat mapping, and run some A/B tests to improve conversion and you are in the health and well industry then we really need to chat.

I’m also working on a project to help you get better feedback from your customers so you can use this feedback to improve conversions on your site. Stay tuned. My hope is that in the 1st quarter you will get to see it unveiled.

Good luck in 2016 and if I can be of help just let me know.

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