Thank You to the Amazing People Who Have Helped Me

\"ThankGratitude is such an important part of business. I’ve found that telling people how grateful I am for the role they played in my success is very important to me. It allows me to appreciate how grateful I am to the smart people in my life.

Over this past year these wonderful people have been kind, generous and supportive and I thank my lucky stars that they are in my life.

There is no particular order. I know I’m leaving some people out and this isn’t on purpose.

Thank you!

\”If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.\” – Isaac Newton (Click to Tweet)

  • My readers – supporting me as I grow my business. Your feedback has been so valuable.
  • Amy Porterfield – believing in me. Her support has been so very valuable.
  • Darren Rowse – accepting my first ever guest post (others too of course), showing me that I can make an impact in people’s lives.
  • Stacy Stone – helping me with projects that I struggle with.
  • Pam Slim – supporting me when I need a boost.
  • Charlie Gilkey – showing friendship that guides my business decisions.
  • Nathalie Lussier – supporting me and my content.
  • Megan and Marty – teaching me how to connect and share ideas.
  • Brian Clark – sharing my ideas with his people.
  • Sonia Simon – willingness to talk and share with me at every Copyblogger event.
  • Chris Guillebeau – teaching me how to create something special that lasts. You can learn a lot from people by watching the projects that tey put out to the world.
  • Chris Brogan – showing me that everyone is amazing if they put in the time and effort.
  • Chris Garrett – willingness to listen and share ideas that have spurred new concepts.
  • Joy Agcongay – pushing me to create something helpful for my people that I couldn’t put together without her.
  • Nikki Staib – supporting me through every stumble that I encounter.
  • Gavin Staib – loving me at every step of the parenting process.
  • Walter and Elsa Staib (My parents) – talking, sharing, loving me even when I’m not very lovable.
  • Erich Staib (My brother) – laughing with me when I need it the most.
  • Yusuf Chowdhury – helping me share my ideas with the San Antonio community.
  • Sean Attwood – becoming my local brother who cares about my success.
  • Silvia Mahutova – being an amazing client who challenges me to be a better business coach.
  • Jenny Blake – showing enthusiasm for my work that still motivates me when I feel down about myself.
  • Steve Kamb – showing me what it takes to build a community of smart people that care about your work.
  • Glen Allsopp – believing in my work and sharing his experience in a blog post.
  • Michelle Nickolaisen – helping me when I need a helping hand.
  • Marc and Angel – showing me friendship at every turn. Their hearts are truly big and giving.
  • Daniel Scocco – believing that good people should always be appreciated.
  • Ali Luke – keeping our friendship alive through mutual respect.
  • Amy Harrison – helping me unlock the secrets of good copywriting.
  • To everyone I forgot – understanding I’m not perfect and I appreciate all your hard work and friendship.

Today is Thanksgiving, but telling people in your life how grateful you are that they are in your life should be a daily occurrence.

Who can you email, message or call right now to thank them for their support?

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