Stu McLaren of Wishlist Interview

\"StuYou ever get the feeling at the beginning of something that you are really going to enjoy yourself and you don’t want time to slow down?

This is what happened when I started interviewing Stu Mclaren of Wishlist. I knew that he was a bright entrepreneur, but this interview was deeper than I expected.

I really enjoyed how I would ask Stu a question and he would break down exactly what the audience needed to hear. A few times I asked him a question and he broke it down into a 3 step answer. Simply awesome.

We talk and explored for 38 minutes.

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In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. How Stu balances his introverted and extroverted sides of his personality.
  2. Three main components of a well run website.
  3. How Stu encourages forward momentum.

You can also check Stu out at,  and

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