How To Split Test a Landing Page

I was recently on call with a client when she said:

\”I wish that I split tested my pages years ago.”

I smiled.

We had been working together for one year and now after one month of split testing she is a convert.

I knew she would be. It’s a little scary at first, but with just a little help it can be very rewarding and fun process. You have to enjoy keeping up with the little details, but this can be learned too.

The key to get the results you are looking for when you split test your landing page is to keep it simple. Focus on one aspect of your landing page at a time.

For example I’m split testing two pages right now for a client. It’s still early, but the headline above the form has two variations.

The first one is focused on the guarantee:


The second one is focused on the consultation:


The guarantee has a 9.5% higher click through rate. I believe the trust factor plays a big role in who fills out the form.

Once you know what page you would like to test the next step is picking out the software to help you split-test your two pages.

My three favorite are:

Google Analytics

You create an experiment, insert the code and start testing.



  • Free
  • Integrates with Google


You host your page with Unbounce, create your pages and begin testing.



  • Great for landing pages.
  • Easy to use.

Virtual Website Optimizer

They make the set-up very easy and I prefer using this for sales pages where I like to review a lot of data.



  • Great for sales pages.
  • Fantastic reports.

Each one has their strengths. You have to look at what your goals are then pick one that helps you reach those goals. If you want to talk about which one is the best fit for you just let me know through my contact page and we’ll set-up a time to talk.

Very Important

I suggest to all my clients never to test more than one variation because if you have more than one it’s hard to figure out which page is giving you the best results.

It can be frustrating if you don’t get results right away, but wait for at least 200 visits to your landing page before you change anything drastically.

Your Turn

Have you ever thought about split-testing a page on your site? If you have tried it what did you think? Did you enjoy looking at the results?

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