A Simple Tip to Increase Your Revenue

\"\"Every smart turtle does one thing very well. It hides in its shell, regroups and waits until the danger leaves.

Most great entrepreneurs are turtles. They are smart enough to know when they need to hide for a little while, regroup and go in a new direction.

I’m taking Party Biz Connect in a new direction. I\’m still throwing Twitter parties. Love\’m too much to stop. I\’m expanding out my services and products. I\’m excited about the new opportunities this change will bring.

You see most people who hire me to help them with Twitter parties. It’s only after we talk that they realize that I can help them with their product launches, marketing strategies and webinars as well. I always knew that I wanted to be more than just the Twitter party guy. It’s why I picked a more generic name instead of TwitterPartiesforYourBiz.com. I wanted to help people create whole marketing campaigns around the cool stuff they created. I now realize that I still niched myself too much by including the word party in the name of my company.

My mom won\’t hesitate to remind me that she told me this before I created my brand around Party Biz Connect.

The New Direction

I’m changing some stuff up around here in the next few months. I’ll be moving everything from Party Biz Connect and Super Power Coach over to DominoConnection.com. You’ve probably seen this coming for a long time, probably before I did. 🙂

I went to Lift Off Retreat (last one is this September 2012). If you want to take your business to the next level you really need to go. Both Pam Slim and Charlie Gilkey came up to me, separately and told me that they didn’t realize that I offered other services besides Twitter parties. I had a big branding problem.

This is where the lesson comes in… Sometimes you need to figure your stuff out as you go along. Nothing will be perfect at the start.

Scratch that, nothing will ever be perfect. There is always something to worry and complain about.

You have to think of your business as a work in progress. If the colors aren’t coming together just right then you have to start over.

Since I’ve been clear on what I offer, I’ve landed more clients in the past 30 days than I have in the previous 3 months. It’s amazing how getting your offer just right will bring your ideal clients in your virtual or physical door.

I have two questions for you:

When you look at what your business offers is there anything that you can drop that isn’t working? I’m a big believer in addition by subtraction. If you can stop doing wasteful things then you are freeing up time to generate more money.

Is there any services that you can add that fits your business model? I’m a big believer of being known for a niche, but sometimes you have to expand out, so you can increase your revenue.

Please remember that you must only add a service if you can offer amazing results. Don’t just add services because you can make money from them. Add services that keep people telling their friends about your amazing results.

Your Turn

What can you subtract from your business that is taking up too much time and not generating any sales?

What services can you add to your business that would open up the door to more clients and possibly even higher paying ones?

* I created a webinar to help you increase your Twitter authority and make more sales. Click the link to join in this Thursday 4/5/12. You\’ll also get a special bonus if you attend.

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