Simple Systems with Dustin Wells of Headspring

\"DustinQuality systems are the foundation of good business, from using software to save you money or using consistent systems in your meetings at work.

You should listen to this interview with Dustin and think about how you can streamline your processes. One of my favorite moments was at the 12:44 min mark because he talks about how to balance out competing commitments.

The key to creating simple systems in your business that makes you and the people around you happy is applying his advice in the second half of this interview.

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In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. How to apply the idea of conversion over time to it minimize risk.
  2. How to make a decision between two difficult choices.
  3. How to develop a mental shift that can help you create win-win situations.

You can also check out Dustin’s company website, Headspring, and follow him on Twitter.

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