Selling What You Do with Angelique Rewers

\"AngeliqueSelling yourself isn’t always easy, but as a business owner it’s a skill you must learn because if you can’t sell what you do you can’t expect anyone else to be able to do it for you.

Angelique Rewers is a master at teaching people how to sell themselves to corporations. She’s found this niche after a lot of hard work and listening to what her clients wanted from her.

I learned a lot of techniques about selling during this interview and I’m confident you will as well.

We talk and explored for 36 minutes.

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In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. How to plant seeds for future business.
  2. How to stop letting setbacks hold you back.
  3. The one question you can ask to close more sales.

You can also check Angelique’s amazing resources at The Corporate Agent.

What did you learn from the conversation? (Share in the comment section below.)

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