The Psychology of Testing

Testing out new ideas, adjusting and improving your conversion is where you’ll see the biggest consistent gains.

My system is very simple. I create a blog post that creates value for my readers. I send it to thought leaders and share on social media. This drives interest to my site where I test out ways to deepen the connection with people like you. You are reading this because of the system I have in place.

This works well for me, but I never stop testing. I want to improve. I want to reach more people.

You need to think of ways you can improve your engagement and trust, so you can close more sales.

Scientist Mind

You should pick one thing to test every 1-3 months. For example you can test improving your subject lines of your emails to see if you can improve your open rates.

It’s harnessing this scientist side of you that will allow you to stop stressing about being perfect and just try out new ideas and see what works the best.

Let’s say you have a small email list and you want more people to read your auto-responder emails. You probably know the biggest reason people don’t read emails are due to boring subject lines. You realize this so you begin to test out new subject lines to see what increases your open rate.

Are there certain key words that improve your email conversion rate?

Only way to know is to test what your people respond to and what they don’t.

I had a client who had an email course and her open rate was quite low for her auto-responder emails. We tested out a few different subject lines and putting the name of her company increased her open rate by 56%.

Original was:

Lesson 1 – Are You Ready to Start?

We changed it to:

Lesson 1 from (inserted company name here) – The Foundation of Rules

The simple change helped people connect with who the email was from.

Split Testing

I love talking about the psychology behind why people take action and why they don’t. It’s the conversion nerd in me.

If you aren’t split testing your most important pages you are missing out on conversions. The idea is simple, but scares a lot of people. It’s not scary as long as you don’t make it too difficult.

All you need is software that allows you to split the visitors between two pages. You can create a different headline, images or whatever you think your visitors will respond well to. Then you see which page converts better for you.


Your website is a natural place to test out your ideas and learn how to get inside your customer’s mind.

Make a list of everything that you can test then start to see what works well for your customers and what doesn’t.

You be surprised by adding a photo of a woman looking at your contact form you can increase your conversions by 25%.


Don’t be afraid to try strategic conversion ideas that you think can help you improve your lead generation.

Your Turn

What small changes have you made to your site that improved your conversion rate?

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