Pioneer Nation Hear I Come

\"KarlI was thinking about what to say in my next post. I have my editor helping me finish up a post about unleashing your inner nerd, but it\’s not quite ready yet.

So instead of write something elaborate I decided to write a quick hello to you and give you an update. What blogging used to be all about 5-6 years ago.

Back to My Roots

I\’m speaking at Pioneer Nation about Sales Pages that Convert. One of my favorite topics. I\’m throwing in a little twist that they won\’t know about. I\’m going to talk about the mistake of going for the sale.

That\’s what everyone always gets wrong. You have go for trust then the sale. It\’s the old cart before the horse scenario.

I look forward to seeing their expressions when I say this. That\’s what I love about public speaking. The feedback from the audience.


The conference is a wonderful band of misfits put on by the uber smart Chris Guillebeau and his brilliant team of creators. They wanted to bring entrepreneurs together and help them kill it online and off.

If you see me, let\’s step to the side and have a chat. I actually prefer one-on-one\’s to talking to groups.

I was inspired by Chris Brogan\’s post about speaking at Pioneer Nation. It was a quick, guess where I\’m going to be. Very personal and personable.

Something I haven\’t been doing as much.

Thanks, Chris for reminding me. Connection isn\’t about being perfect, it\’s about being personal.

Oh and yes, I\’ve got a beard. I\’m keeping it for now, but my wife goes back and forth on it.

Your Turn

What is your favorite event that you try to attend each year to build your business?

2 thoughts on “Pioneer Nation Hear I Come”

  1. I work with real estate agents. I’ve always preached the following: Teach, Don’t Sell. Or like you said, trust before the sale. When you do it that way you get much better customers and better word of mouth.

    Have a blast at Pioneer Nation!

  2. Hi Ricardo! Pioneer Nation was a great time. Smart and caring people, doesn’t get any better.

    Trust is so important through every phase of the buying process. It must feel right to the person or they end up going somewhere else.

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