Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income Interview

\"\"Every week PBC brings you thought leaders to help you build great relationships and supercharge your business. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

Pat Flynn the creator of Smart Passive Income has drawn in a ton of visitors to his blog because he tells it like it is. He isn’t afraid to try something new, fail and explain why it failed on his blog. This is why so many people read Pat’s blog.

They know he isn’t perfect, but he is a great teacher and willing to share his insights with is readers.

Listen to the Pat Flynn Interview – 37 min podcast


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What we talk about:

  1. Why honesty is so important to building your tribe of people.
  2. The rules of connecting with someone who has a bigger audience than you.
  3. Understanding how to craft your story so people connect with you.

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What did you think of Pat’s ideas?

2 thoughts on “Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income Interview”

  1. What do I think of Pat’s ideas? Well he certainly has been successful, so you can’t argue with that! At the same time he hasn’t let the success go to his head… he’s still firmly grounded in reality. It’s nice to see that he is really genuinely concerned about helping his audience and that sincerity does come across. Perhaps that’s his best “idea”… truly wanting to help as many people as possible.

  2. Hey Stephen, Exactly. His caring is off the charts. It’s why so many people gravitate toward him.

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