Online Parties 101 – Creating Buzz for the Cool Stuff You Created

Over the next few weeks I’m publishing a series of posts that help you understand the basics of creating a online party. If you are reading this you’ve probably tried, created or thought of creating an online event that gets people buzzing about what you do. You know it’s not easy, so that’s why I’m writing this series.

You know and I know that creating an online party helps build trust, authority and create buzz. Anyone can throw a party just like anyone can write a blog post, but not everyone wants to attend or read it if you don’t create something special.

I’m going to break the series into seven posts:

  1. Why should You Throw an Online Party?
  2. The Fundamentals of Creating an Online Party
  3. How to Build Strong Relationships on Your Social Networks
  4. How to Bring People on Board for Your Party
  5. Throw a Killer Party
  6. Measuring the Success of Your Online Party
  7. How to Use Your Party as a Social Media Slingshot

As we break down the details of how to throw a great party, you’ll see how you can use this process to launch your product and get people talking about it.

Tomorrow the series will start. If you have any questions just write them in the comment section or you can send me an email from my contact page.

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