How to Meet Someone Who Can Help Your Career with Ruth Carter


Ruth Carter is an introverted lawyer who has learned how to reach out to new people to grow her business without feeling too overwhelmed.

Ruth gives advice on how to run a flash mob and make sure it’s all done without breaking any laws. She’s done an underwear flash mob on Arizona light rail 5 times. She knows what it’s like to take your pants off in front of an elderly couple and small children in public.

The best quotes from the interview were:

Click to Tweet (CtT)  – “It’s when I’m my weird dorky self that I get to make the connections that I want to make.” – Ruth Carter

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In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. How do deal with rejection.
  2. Why going for the long game is so important in business.
  3. How to make connections fun. Learn how she infused her personality (fan of Star Trek) into her outreach.

Here is the Star Trek postcard Ruth created to infuse her personality into her connection campaign.


This interview will help your career grow if you just apply one of the techniques we talk about in this interview. You can also check out Ruth’s site and blog to learn more about her.

What was your favorite takeaway? (Just let us know in the comment section.)

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