Lori Deschene of Tiny Buddha Interview

\"\"Relationships are vital to growing your business. One of the best stories of online success is Lori Deschene of Tiny Buddha.

She started connecting with people through one tweet a day on her Tiny Buddha account. People loved getting one daily wisdom tweet a day. She then created the popular blog aptly named Tiny Buddha and turned it into a community that gathers people’s stories of struggle, happiness, and wisdom.

The Tiny Buddha blog now has a 1.2 million viewership per month. Her success was not overnight. It took a lot of self discovery and relationship building to get to where she is today.

Listen to the Lori Deschene Interview

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In our interview Lori talks about:

  • Self struggle and why she created Tiny Buddha.
  • Why it’s important to love and accept yourself.
  • The need to stop making things difficult.
  • Her new book coming out on December 8th.
  • The need to connect on a intimate level.
  • Acceptance of why she won’t always be happy.

My favorite quote from Lori:

“To be human is to be messy.”

– Lori Deschene

Check out Lori’s Tiny Buddha Twitter Party that she is throwing on December 8th. She\’ll be talking about the concepts in this interview in a little more depth with some very cool special guests.

You can also follow her @TinyBuddha Twitter account to receive her inspirational tweets and her person account @Lori_Deschene.

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