Landing Page Review with Selena Soo

Selena Soo asked me for help with her email capture landing page. I took a few highlights from our review to show you how you can improve your own landing page.

As you try to bring in more connections with your website you need to look at building trust as quickly as you can with your landing pages.

In this this clip from the landing page review you’ll learn:

  1. Selena’s goals for her landing page.
  2. How to craft a headline that draws people in.
  3. Why it’s important to split test your landing page.

Here is how Selena\’s page looked after our review:


You can see the great job Selena Soo did in focusing her landing page review on capturing her lead. She improved the headline, weaved in benefits and changed the color of her button so it stands out.

Think about how you can weave your story and benefits of your offer through design and copy.

What could you improve on your next landing page?

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