Jonathan Mead of Illuminated Mind Interview

\"\"Everybody dances to the beat of a different drummer. Your drummer may be upbeat and fun or other times it’s serious. Whatever beat you dance to you must be conveying the type of dance you want to be doing while connecting with others.

You control your beat. It’s this beat people connect or don’t connect with.

That’s why I asked Jonathan Mead of Illuminated Mind for an interview. He lives to help people change the beat of their drummer to one that supports their dreams. People love his beat because he believes in his work.

“My purpose here is to remind you that you’re meant to create your own life. Freedom isn’t something you have to earn, pleasure isn’t something you have to sacrifice to cash in on down the road.”

– From Jonathan Mead’s about page.

Listen to the Jonathan Mead Interview – 30 minutes

(Right click and save as to download to your computer.)

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • Why you deserve to get paid for who you are.
  • Why joy needs to come first.
  • Recovering what you really care about.
  • That a niche is not narrow definement it’s a door to new possibilities.
  • How to build trust then authority
  • What your reality is right now and how to accept it.

My favorite quote from the Jonathan Mead Interview:

 “It’s (Life is) about recovering what I really care about.”

– Jonathan Mead

 You can learn more about Jonathan Mead at Illuminated Mind, his amazing flagship product Trailblazer, and hang out with him on Twitter @jonathanmead.

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