Insert Your Passions into Your Business with Sean Ogle


Creating a business around your passions is one of the big takeaway I want you to have when you watch and listen to this interview. As I reviewed the interview I found Sean’s message even more inspiring. If you aren’t passionate about your work you won’t get the results you expect.

There will be tough times when you don’t feel like you can do just one more task and I’m glad Sean brought this up. It’s a natural part of any business. I like the different tips that come out.

Let me know at the bottom of this post what your favorite part of the interview was and what idea you will take action on.

The best quotes from the interview were:

Click to Tweet (CtT)  – “The more you talk to people in a certain industry the more you can figure out what their problems are.” – Sean Ogle

“By constantly focusing on yourself from time to time you are able to feel renewed.”

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In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. Different ways to infuse your passion into your business.
  2. How to deal with the ups and downs of running your own company.
  3. The one perspective you need to have to be happy and successful.

You can also check out Sean’s site Location 180 and his Twitter profile here.

What did you learn from the conversation? (Share in the comment section below.)

1 thought on “Insert Your Passions into Your Business with Sean Ogle”

  1. Awesome interview, Karl!!

    Love Sean’s energy and outlook.

    Interesting that he mentioned being selfish. I don’t think it’s really selfish as much as it’s enlightened self-interest. Be the best for yourself if you want to be your best for others!!

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