How to Use Google Analytics for a Better Website Experience

Jeff came to me with a problem that many people come to me for. The funny thing was, he wasn’t sure how I could help him.

Many of my clients aren’t sure how to solve their traffic issues. Many of them think they need to increase their advertising budget.

The reality is that adding more website traffic is not the first step.

Getting more traffic only works when your website works well.

It starts with this 5 step process:

  1. Attention
  2. Interest
  3. Desire
  4. Trust
  5. Action


I added the T for trust from an old advertising acronym AIDA from the 1950’s.

It was created to help simplify the process for advertising agencies. Of course once they were able to get people into stores it was up to the store to close the deal.

Same thing goes for your website.

If you are running a Facebook ad, creating sufficient enough desire the next step is to earn their trust as quickly as you can. It\’s this Domino Effect that is so important. Each stage tips into the next, either building trust or quickly losing it.

If they go to your site and they are confused or distracted then you’ll lose them.

That’s why every step of the customer experience matters. If you give them a shimmer of a reason to leave they will.

The Importance of a Good Offer

That’s why the offer is so important. They get all the way to the end, they are about to check out and they stop.

Should they buy from you or maybe they should keep looking. Getting them to say “yes” is the hardest part of the whole process.

That moment when your customer says that the product or service that you have is more important than the money they have.

It’s a simple equation:

What you have is more valuable than them keeping their money and spending it someplace else.

The higher the price is the more they’ll hesitate. This is all relative to their income of course. A billion dollar company won’t balk at a $50,000 price tag vs a small company.

More Traffic vs Improving Website Flow

Jeff wanted more traffic for his site, so he could get more sign-ups for his Lego camps over the summer. The thing was a lot of his traffic wasn’t getting getting to the right place on his site.

So we made one significant adjustment.

This is a screenshot of his homepage. As you can see on the right is a super cute kid on the right next to the video, but this wasn’t helping their visitors take the action they they wanted them to take.


So we removed the cute kid and replaced it with a map on April 19th that shows all the states that they run camps in. This made the video bigger and more clickable. It’s also easy for them to get enticed by the video and find a camp near them. A type of layout that make for a better website experience.


When we made this chance we started directing the traffic to where Play-well wanted them to go. You can see the previous time period before we made the change. March 20th thru April 18th.


The main goal was to get them to find a camp near them. That’s exactly what happened.

We increased the traffic to this page by 110.06%. That\’s huge!

Our main goal was to get more traffic to this page, so they could get more sign-ups for their camps. We more than double the traffic with that one change.

The bounce rate, which shows you whether they left without engaging with your site improved by 29.83%. The negative number is good here. You want your bounce rate to go down.

After we made the change we increased the traffic to their most important page by 6,984 visits over the same previous time span.

And as you can see the two main pages that feed their most important “course finder” page, the home page and the camps page didn’t increase in traffic. We just utilized the traffic that they were getting and funneled them to the right page on their site.

We effectively more than doubled the traffic to the right page.

Next Step

The next step is to increase traffic. Now that they are getting to the right page we’ll be able to better utilize the organic traffic as well as the paid traffic.

What do you think? Is there something on your site that you could remove or move to another location that will help you encourage them to take action on your site?

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