How to Separate Yourself from all the Noise

Personality, Personality, Personality!

Your business personality will set the tone for whether people want to learn more about you. This goes for your blog, Facebook account, Twitter account, and with all your other social media accounts.

I’ve seen too many blogs that only talk about how great their product is. This is such a shame. They put all this effort into creating a blog that doesn’t help them convert. You’ve probably seen similar blogs. Just because this blog only pushes their stuff doesn’t mean they should fail.

Woot is a blog that revolves around talking about stuff they sell. The difference is they are snarky and interesting about how they go about it. They tell a story that gets people involved. That’s the key to any social media account. Tell a great story that people can connect with and many times they tell their friends about the deal.


See how their snarkiness encourages you to want to read more. They wrote:

“Choose either Satin Cyan (don’t call it blue) or Yellow (don’t call it velvet gold).”

It’s these little verbal touches that get people to sign-up for daily updates.

In their daily deal blog they tell a story about some weird person who can’t stand the dirt in public libraries. In the blog they wrote:

“Well, there’s nothing I find more distracting than a carpet full of crumbs, and dirt, and skin flakes, and plaster dust, and cocaine, and probably millions of those mites that live in books.”

Click here to read the whole little story (sales pitch) here.

They paint the picture and it sucks you in. If you at all in any way are interested in a vacuum you are reading and checking out the specs to see if you could use this vacuum.

Woot! made their online persona something that moves products.

They didn’t try to hide this fact. They embraced it and became embraced by a legion of fans.

You have to look at your brand and what it conveys to people. If all you do is talk about what your company does they are going to quickly tune you out.

  1. Talk about issues your customers need help with.
  2. Give out links to articles that will help them.
  3. Share your feelings on a situation that your company has dealt with.

What do you think of Woot’s methods on building a connection with their customers?

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