How to Put More Love into Your Marketing

The businesses that puts a whole bunch of love into what they do usually have an easier time with their marketing. They aren\’t giving great customer service because they have to, they do it because they enjoy it.

Marketing your company works the same way. Actually they can\’t be separated. If you are separating them you are making a big mistake. Everyone in your company should feel like they are a part of your marketing team.

Every action you take is a part of your marketing. If your accountant (CFO) is cordial to the other companies that you work with, I bet they will be more likely to refer you to their customers.

You have to look at every aspect of your company as a piece of marketing. It\’s why we talked about putting love into your marketing at our weekly Marketing Chat (#mktgchat) that we have on Twitter every Tuesday at 2pm EST. I wanted to see what other experts thought about this idea, so that\’s what we talked about last week.

You can view all the tweets via PDF right here.

Here are some of the highlights:

Put More Love Into Your Marketing


Testimonial Tips



You can see all the highlighted tweets from our chat at the at the storify website.

Your Turn

How do you put love into your marketing?

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