How to Make the Most of a Twitter Party

A Twitter Party can be a lot of fun, but very overwhelming if you don’t set yourself up just right. That means having all the proper tools in place.

I’ll discuss what you need to make the Twitter party as much fun as possible. It\’s not that hard it\’s very similar to throwing a party in your home.

The Set-up

The core of every good party is the drink. All depending on what your preference is make sure you fill your glass/mug to the top. Most of these parties happen at night and since I\’m working I love a cool glass of water with one ice cube. It keeps me hydrated and on my toes throughout the whole party.

If I\’m not working the Twitter party a nice beer or glass of wine helps keep me loose. I always apply the \”driving rule\” on Twitter. I don\’t tweet if I shouldn\’t be driving, so that means no slobbery drunken tweets that I can\’t take back the next morning.


The next most important  part of a great party is some delicious snacks. If I\’m working a party I don\’t usually eat, but when I\’m just hanging out at someone else\’s party I like to have some fruit or if I\’m feeling like I need something more decadent I have a chocolate chip cookie.


A comfortable chair is a must when partying on Twitter. If you can\’t get comfortable you may as well give up and go to bed. If you have a laptop a good couch is my favorite choice.

It\’s a lot easier to have a good time when you are relaxed.


I use TweetChat to keep track of all the Twitter talk. You can also use Twitter search to keep track of all the tweets too. I like TweetChat because it refreshes automatically, which can kind of be a pains if you don\’t act quickly on who to reply to. can handle multiple conversations, so you can follow the hashtag (#) and up to 8 people. That can get a little tricky and overwhelming, that\’s why I recommend TweetChat for most people.


If the Twitter party also has an audio component (teleconference), you’ll need a phone that has a clear speaker so you can hear everyone who is on the call. A good set of headphones or speakers will help you stay hands free so you can tweet your heart out.



Now that you are all set up you have to decide what you want out of the Twitter party. Some people go to Twitter parties just to win prizes. It’s nice to win a prize, but this doesn’t usually happen if you are hanging out in a popular party. The better the party the harder it is to win a prize.

The idea is to have a few goals so you know you’ll get something useful out of the Twitter party. My three main goals allow me to have fun without trying to get too caught up in winning a prize.

My goal list during a Twitter party looks like this:

  • Make one new friend.
  • Find a tweet that makes me laugh.
  • Learn one thing you can apply to your life.

Party Time

Once you have everything set and in place to party the real fun begins. There are two type of Twitter parties and I won’t go into here, you can click the link if you are interested in the two styles of parties. You may be listening to someone talk over the phone as the Twitter stream goes or you may just be hanging out on Twitter following the host and the hashtag. Either way you have a lot to digest.

The idea is simple, relax and hang out. If you like what the person is saying over the teleconference or on Twitter just let people know about it on Twitter. If you think someone made a funny comment then join in on the joke. We had a tutu joke going at the Living the Good Life Twitter Party that made me laugh out loud. It was a very creative discussion that a bunch of friends might have on their back porch. Classic stuff.


As the Twitter party wraps up don’t just get up and leave. Like any party say good bye and make let the host know how much you enjoyed yourself if you actually did enjoy the party.

That’s it. A Twitter party is not that much different from a party at your friend’s home. You are there to hang out, laugh, and eat some good snacks.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at karl (AT) partybizconnect (DOT) com. If you want to be emailed when a Twitter party is on the agenda you can sign up here.

Most of the image were courtesy of Flickr. After I was done mashing them together in Photoshop I realized that I didn\’t grab the links. Hope the photographers don\’t get too upset with me.

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