How to Find Your Ideal Customer

It’s amazing to have a business in today’s world because of all the ways you can connect with customers, from social media to paid outreach. They all give you access to new people that could use your help.

Now the cost varies from platform to platform, as you know, and we’ll talk about this in an upcoming lesson.

There are usually two marketing problems that occur:

  1. Not connecting with potential customers in the right places.
  2. Giving up before they can measure results.

For example I had a client who literally tried every kind of marketing that you can think of – postcards, social media, online advertising, live events, coupons, outdoor, newspaper, referral program, and the list goes on.

Each time he gave up before he saw any real traction.

He wasn’t looking in the wrong places, he just gave up too soon. He didn’t take the time to figure out where his “ideal” customers were, engage them and earn their trust.

What we did is make a list of every type of marketing he did in the past year.

I want you to make a list too.

  1. _________________________
  2. _________________________
  3. _________________________
  4. _________________________
  5. _________________________
  6. _________________________
  7. _________________________
  8. _________________________
  9. _________________________
  10. _________________________

Continue the list until you can’t think of any more.

Then look at where you’ve seen the best results. If you haven’t seen any traction that makes you happy then pick 3 places that you think your ideal customers are and plan on creating a small campaign around these 3 areas.

Your marketing campaign’s success depends on engaging with your ideal people so you can encourage them to deepen the relationship with you.


Whether they hanging out on Facebook, Google search or at conferences you need to be where they are so you can answer their questions and be as useful as possible.

The key to finding people who need what you are offering is staying focused on building connections in the “right places”.

The “right places” are where your ideal customers are and understanding how they like to be engaged.

Maybe your “ideal” customers spend a lot of time reading email. This is where you need to start.

Ask yourself two questions:

  1. What do they need?
  2. How can I provide a solution?

Start by asking your current customers how you can better help them, go different communities online and offline then provide a solution to their question so you can start earning their trust.

Subtract to Add

The next step is eliminating the marketing that doesn’t work. If you’ve been using Facebook for the past 4 years and you haven’t see any results. Then it may be time to give Facebook a break and try other avenues. It just may be that you aren’t connecting in the right way. This means your customer engagement in Facebook doesn’t work well with your company’s personality. That’s ok.

If that’s the case then it’s better not to waste your time there any more and focus on marketing techniques that will work for you and your business. You may not want to eliminate Facebook altogether, but you might want to reduce how much time you are spending there, so you can get the ROI (Return on Investment) that works better for you.

Where are your “ideal” people spending their time? How can you engage them?”

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