How to Create a Better Buying Experience on Your Website

I saw a talk from one of the co-founders of Simple Green Smoothies. She was delightful, so I went on her site and I saw some things you could learn from. To create a better buying experience you have to keep it simple and make sure people feel comfortable and excited at the same time.

I went to check out her site and loved it. I bought a gift from their store.

I also share their content because I can see how much they care. 

I had to support them.

Let’s look at why I bought and how you can create a similar experience on your site.

Home page:


They focus on helping get you onboard with an introductory course to earn your trust.


Wonderful opening picture when I clicked on the marketplace link in the navigation menu.


I liked what I saw so I shared it with my friends. This is the domino effect that many businesses try to create. You are tipped into a business by a friend, conference or family member. Then you go and right away you enjoy your experience.

You check out the store and you can’t resist buying. Either for yourself or a friend.

I bought the simple green smoothie guide for a friend because we had a conversation about green smoothies. I thought this would make her happy.


Having someone buy their friend a gift from your online store is the best form of marketing. It means that they love what you do and what to share you with their friend.

Their copy doesn’t just tell you what’s inside, but also how it will help you.

A better buying experience is usually a straight-forward approach that works well.

There are always improvements someone can make to improve their Customer Experience (CX), but that comes with A/B testing.

I wanted to make sure that you see the power in straightforward copy and really good images can do to help encourage, the customers that are a good fit for your products.

If you have any questions just let me know.

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