Holiday Marketing for Your Business and #supermktg Chat

The holidays are meant for us to remember why love is so important. From Thanksgiving to the beginning of the next year we spend time with family and friends celebrating love.

It’s beautiful.

Then businesses come in and try to join in on the love. I used to be upset about the commercialism that takes place at the end of each year. Then I realized that it’s really what we want. We want to celebrate the season by giving. We want to be reminded of our luxuries. We want to share these feelings with our loved ones.

That’s also beautiful.

This is an opportunity that shouldn’t be ignored. The hard part is figuring out how to avoid the traps of the holiday commercialism trend and give value as you connect with people.

So instead of using the holidays as leverage for people to buy more of your stuff, think of ways to build stronger connections with these people. Think of this as an opportunity to spread the love, not just make another sale.

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