Why I help people with conversions


One of the reasons I started helping people with their conversions was due to a conversation with a friend. She owned a Yoga studio. She struggled with converting her ideal customers, women in their 20’s and 30’s. I was working in the marketing department for a credit union at the time. I walked her through many of the processes that I use with my clients today. It was the spark that encouraged me to start my own business.

I wanted her to reach more people. It’s why I enjoy working with health and wellness companies so much. They have a vision and work hard to make it happen. Her small studio was amazing, but she missed many opportunities to deepen the connection on her website as well as retaining her present clients.

We talked about what it took to build relationships. Why people shared her business with her friends (her BIG domino), and what she could to make it easier for people to say yes to her studio vs. someone else’s studio.

Out of the blue she emailed me and she told me that one of the best pieces of advice she ever received about marketing was from me. She was so happy that I told her to collect people’s information (physical and email addresses) years ago so she could deepen the relationship with her customers that she wanted to hug me.

It wasn’t ground breaking information I imparted on her. The difference was how I showed her how to make it fit into her business. When you can make connection a daily part of your business it makes it easier to measure your results.

It’s one of the first aspects of a business that I work on with a new client. We look how they can find a way to deepen the connection with new, current, and past customers. Then we create a plan around delivering value to earn their trust.

It seems simple and it can be a fun part of your business when done from the heart.

Your communication should come from a place of giving. It’s this giving that will encourage people to reciprocate.

Sometimes it takes 10 emails, a free ebook, and a call, other times it’s 75 emails before you spark someone to take action with you, but the more you give the more value that they receive. It’s this value that they will want to repay you when your offer is right for them.

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