Where are you getting stuck in your business connection systems?

There are times in every business person\’s life that make you throw up your hands. You just can\’t believe the results.

Last week you made 112 sales on your website and at the end of this week you made 32 sales.


Last month 7 people contacted you about your services and this month only one person.

What is going on!

Why the significant drop?

This is when we need to take a deep breath and remind ourselves how lucky we are to still be in business instead of how much money we spent this month and how we need to catch up.

Your sales will fluctuate due to fluctuations in traffic, time of year, improvements to your website, the outreach effort you put in over the past 6 months, and many other factors. Sometimes we hit snags and there is nothing we can do but smile and keep plugging along.

That\’s the hardest part of being a business owner. We feel like the little boy who put his thumb in a crack to stop the leaking dam, then another pops up and another. Before we know it we have 25 small cracks that can\’t be plugged unless we get more helping thumbs.

Then someone comes along with a bag of quick drying cement to help solve the problem instead of all the townspeople putting their thumbs in the dam with us.

That\’s why I\’m working on a video course to help you. So I want to learn about what are your greatest struggles in bringing in more leads and closing sales?

In other words, where are you getting stuck?

Please let me know by filling out this quick survey or reply back to this email (leave a comment below).

For example, I had a client who was selling nutritional coaching services. She was tired of her business\’s monthly fluctuations and felt like quitting. She would have 12 clients one month then 3 the next, so she would freak out and go into hyper outreach mode, driving traffic to her site and connecting with people who could use her services. Then she might have 15 clients, but be back down to 4 the next.

The grind was wearing her down.

We talked about how to create a more consistent income, and what that would mean for her business and her sanity. We created a survey to find out how she could bring more value to past and future clients.

We found out that they would like to be able to have the flexibility to schedule a call 3-4 times a year with her and also be able to ask her questions via email.

So we created a yearly program that allowed people to have access to her at a reduced cost, but also reduced the number of hours of access to her per person.

The program was a hit. She had multiple people sign ups for the year, and now knows she will generate $2,500 each month from it. This being her baseline, she doesn\’t feel as stressed to generate income when she has a down month.

Again, I\’m curious about what struggles you may be having from difficulties in selling your product to growing your email list. If you want your struggles to be private, just fill out this survey to let me know.

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