Framing Your Language

I was on Twitter and Sandi Amorim (@sandiamorim) posted this tweet.


I wrote a response and was about to send it then before I hit send I paused. Usually I would keep going and press the send button, but I held back. My last sentence in the tweet was “See you later loser.”

I didn’t feel comfortable trashing someone’s blog that I’ve never seen.

How you choose your words is very important. What your write is who you are. If there is no filter you aren’t taking into consideration your values and what you stand for.

If you aren’t listening to what direction you want your thoughts, ideas, and actions to go in then you aren\’t the captain of your ship.

Your life, business, and relationships depend on your words. I don’t want to connect with people who like that I used the word loser. I want to connect with people who respect each other and communicate from a place of compassion.


How careful are you with your tweets, Facebook posts and Google+ posts?



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