Focus on Connecting Instead of Marketing with Scott Stratten


Your job as a small business owner is to understand the importance of connecting with people in a meaningful way. If you can’t create connections your business will struggle.

Scott Stratten of Unmarketing understands the importance of building strong relationships that matter. He walks us step-by-step through what he did to build his large Twitter following.

It’s an interview that I’ve been waiting to do for many years and now you can listen and learn from the amazing Scott Stratten.

Best Quotes from the Interview:

Click to Tweet – “Building relationships should be for the sake of the relationship.” Scott Stratten 2:09

“What creates great companies is the variety of people in them.” Scott Stratten 7:20

“Everybody should be their unique self when using social media.” Scott Stratten 7:35

“You don’t have to be me you don’t have to be a spaz and freaks out all the time and gets angry. Just be you.” Scott Stratten 7:57

“If I could go back and start online relationships again I would connect with people that I had the time, want and the urge to connect with.” Scott Stratten 10:48

“The ones that care, the fans, those are the people you should build a relationship with.” Karl Staib

“A lot of time people complain about brands online they are looking for acknowledgement.” Scott Stratten 13:54

“Marketing is when you ask the customer, ‘When I say my name what is your response?’” Scott Stratten 15:05

Click to Tweet – “You have to focus on creating a connection, not necessarily building an entirely large platform.” Scott Stratten 15:57

“75% of my tweets were replies and my job was talking with people not at them. I had a plan. I created momentum.” Scott Stratten 17:43

“If you do have time (for social media) pick one place to do it and do it well instead of picking four places and doing it mediocre.” Scott Stratten 18:25

Click to Tweet “Passion + Knowledge = Profit” Scott Stratten 20:58

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In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. Relationship building tips to help you grow your business.
  2. How to let the real you out on social media.
  3. How to create a plan and follow through until you see results.

You can also check out Scott’s website Unmarketing to learn more about finding unique ways to connect with people.

What did you learn from the conversation? (Share in the comment section below.)

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