Feel the Passion and Share It

\"\"You’re business is destined for success if you can find the right connection with your customers.

People need an emotional connection to your business or they won’t become loyal fans. It’s this passion that will get your people talking about you to their friends. So excited that they can’t wait to share your next email, blog post, new product, service, etc.

There isn’t some magic fairy dust that we can bathe in and everyone starts to hang on our every word.

You need to figure out how to tap into your passion and share it with your customers, readers of your website, your current tribe and everyone you meet.


No one shares their passion better than Danielle LaPorte. She blogs, tweets, posts on Facebook, and sends out her newsletter and people pay attention. They want to  be a part of her energy. They want in on her thoughts.

I threw a teleconference and Twitter party for Danielle LaPorte and people flooded to the landing page to find out what the party was going to about. They not only wanted to be closer to Danielle, but they wanted all their friends to know about the party. We had a ton of Twitter and Facebook shares.

People want to be closer to you and your business if you can come from a place of passion.

Look at why you do what you do, once you can answer that question then you can start talking to people with this mindset.

Why do you do what you do?

Let’s say you’re in the teaching business like me.

The formula is simple “I help (insert who you help here) (insert what exactly you do for them here).

My why is… “I help small business owners tell passionate stories through online events that helps their customers connect with their mission.”

Think about the type of people you hire to help with your business. I’m willing to pay for someone that can help me sell more products, but only if they love what they do. I want someone that is so excited to help me that their enthusiasm oozes out of them.

You need to talk about what you do, why it matters, who you’ve helped, what problems you encountered and how you overcome them, what excites you about the process, etc. The more you share about your mission the more people can build an emotional connection around your work.

Share Your Process

You must share your process with the world because it’s your story. People want to connect with your story if you make it exciting and fun.

Let’s say you do something unglamorous like sell valves. You may try to explain how great your valves are and how long they last, but it won’t be as powerful if you tell the story about a customer who has used your valves to put out fires that would have destroyed a building if it wasn’t for your amazing high pressure water valves. You get to talk about your customer as well as explain what it is that you do well. You are creating a double win.

See how much more powerful this technique can be?

You can get passionate about who you help and why it matters. Every product affects our lives. Your potential customers will see themselves in the stories of your present customers and want the same results.

So I’m curious why do you do what you do? (Let me know in the comment section)

* Photo is courtesy of Kurt

2 thoughts on “Feel the Passion and Share It”

  1. Well first of all, I love social media because it gives us an opportunity to reach out to others. I am a cradle Catholic and really enjoy reading and learning about the faith, reading blogs from other Catholics, listening to podcasts, etc.

  2. Hi Monica, You nailed it. You get to share what you love. Catholicism is in the business of helping others. They want to spread their message. They also want you to help them. The more people that understand their mission the more people they have advocating for their religion.

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