Don\’t Let Social Media Fear Stop You from Connecting

\"\"I know a lot of companies who let social media fear keep them away from building great relationships with their customers. If they do use social media their communication is very bland or infrequent.

They have a Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts, but just because you have an account that doesn’t mean you are using social media well.

Create Real Leverage

When you put yourself out there to connect with their customers you’ll receive feedback that helps your company improve. It’s called customer centric marketing. Social media should be used by every business. You’ll learn what customers really want and need from you.

You just have to build a relationship strong enough that when you do ask for their advice they give it freely. This is the best way to create a sales page – using the language of your buyers.

Submit your sales page and let me take a look at it. I always love to see what you are up to. If I think my people could learn from your sales page then I\’ll share it with them.

Unleash Your Unique

You will use social media different from everyone out there. Even differently than people in your niche. The key is to connect with people through your own personality and your employees’ personalities. Allowing employees to make mistakes is all a part of the process. It’s the only way you will be able to build real relationships with people who find you online.

You probably aren\’t creating marketing leverage because you aren\’t having fun with your communication – creating something worth sharing.

The best way to let go of this fear and allow yourself to fully engage with your people on social media is follow these three rules:

  1. Pick only one social media account to update. (For at least 6-12 months)
  2. Create a communication plan that excites you. (What does your customer want to learn that you would enjoy researching and sharing?)
  3. Create a daily plan that only takes 10 minutes a day. (By turning your social media outreach into a daily task you\’ll create a habit  that will stay with you for a very long time.)

Strengthen your social media communication habit is what you need to get the results that you expect. It takes time, but totally worth the effort.

Your Turn

What has held you back from fully engaging in social media marketing?

2 thoughts on “Don\’t Let Social Media Fear Stop You from Connecting”

  1. Hi Karl,

    I admit that I’m rather sporadic with my social media and blog posts. For me, part of it is that once I’m in Twitter I can spend a lot of time following up and reading links to articles that people have posted and it cuts into my productivity time (I’m reluctant to admit this but I don’t need any any temptations that will contribute to procrastinating on what really needs to be done.), and part of it is that I still feel ambivalent about Twitter because I like more meaningful discussions than one can possibly have in 140 characters.

    I struggle with writing quickly and often–or to be more accurate, I struggle with perfectionist tendencies that won’t let me just dash off a quick post and be done with it. It’s ironic that I wrote a post a few years ago on banishing the inner editor, yet I can’t banish my own inner editor. (It knows all the tricks!)

  2. Hi Sue, I know the feeling. It’s hard to stay consistent when using social media and writing a blog. I’ve fallen off the consistency horse many times. The thing is consistency creates trust. It’s this trust that turns into sales.

    If you can only post blog once a month and post on Twitter on a weekly basis, that’s better than letting too much time pass and losing touch with your readers.

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