Domino Marketing Effect Video

Lately I\’ve been hearing a lot about people who are creating great stuff, but aren\’t getting the response that they expect from their tribe. I know a lot about this topic because I struggled with it myself. I would put out what I thought was a great ebook, e-course or online event and no one would show up. I would create guest posts to drive traffic to my site and my event and only a small group of people cared.

Then a little marketing light went off inside my head and I began to gain traction with other people\’s audiences as well as my own tribe. In this video I\’m going to explain how guest posting done the right way can be very powerful as long as you follow a few simple steps.

If you are having trouble viewing the video below then watch the Domino Marketing Effect on YouTube.

What do you think of the Domino Marketing Effect? How can you apply it to your business?

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