Develop Your Scientist Mindset

When I was young I wanted to be a scientist.

You come up with an idea, create a hypothesis on how the idea would work, then you go and test it.

I would run my own experiments.

Can an Ant be killed with using the sun and a magnifying glass? (I was a little jerk when I was 6.)

Can buy a pack of gum and trade it for lunch at school?

How many girls do I have to ask on a date before they say yes? (I don’t want to reveal this number.)

There was always something I was curious about.

That’s the best part of my job. Helping clients come up with hypothesis on the best ways to improve User and Customer Experience, testing them out, and watching the data roll add up, so we can make smarter decisions.

I realize how hard it is to cultivate the scientist mindset in your own business.

Your business is so loveable, hard, and sweet. How could you ever cut it open and dissect it?

There needs to be an emotional detachment from your business that all owners need to have. If something isn\’t working for you then you can\’t force the product or service on your customers. You need to pivot and adapt to the market.

That requires taking a hard look at the data and making sure you are making good decisions.

That\’s where I come in.

I take an x-ray of your website and show you what needs help and how you can fix it. I\’m not attached to your business and it\’s easier for me to be objective.

I would like to help more purpose driven companies.

I do this for people in the Domino Connection community. If you want special offers from me just join in on the updating fun and I\’ll let you know next time I have a special offer to help you boost your Customer and User Experience.

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