Dave Ursillo Interview – Deepen Your Writing

\"DaveThere are people that are just meant to change lives. They can’t help themselves.

We need people like this in our lives.

Dave is one of them. He takes a question and goes deeper than you expected. He was able to uncover answers to my questions that help people see hidden emotional issues that you wouldn’t expect.

I like how Dave’s been able to help people deepen their writing and connecting with more companies, but also how he helps people focus on developing themselves as a person through their writing.

We talk and explored for 43 minutes.

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In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. Understand how to overcome the daily struggle of writing.
  2. How to be in introvert and still be able to cultivate the right mental space to promote your work.
  3. Dealing with the fear of writing and not letting it hold you back from influencing people in your field of work.

You can also check and learn how to apply these writing concepts to your business.

We also talked about:

What did you learn from the conversation? (Share in the comment section below.)

* Link to Art of War goes to Amazon’s site and could earn me a cup of coffee if you buy the book.

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