Danielle LaPorte and Linda Sivertsen Twitter Party Case Study

Do you have a product coming out that you need to create some buzz around?

Then go grab some coffee or tea and check out this case study on how to create an amazing event that ripples out into the world.

Danielle LaPorte and Linda Sivertsen threw a Twitter party for their product, Your Big Beautiful Book Plan on January 18th. The party was a huge success. I want to share why.

Danielle and Linda created an information product to help writers become published authors. They put a whole amazing package of mp3s, tips, sample query letters and so much more all into one big ebook. It was a great product to throw a Twitter party around.

Here are some of the hard data from the party:

  • Tweets during party with #bookplan hashtag – 766 tweets.
  • Total tweets with #bookplan hashtag from the day we announced the party to the day after – 1,387 tweets.
  • Number of people who dialed in to the conference call – 116 people.
  • Total Number of people who signed up for Your Big Beautiful Book Plan party – 181 people. Average number of followers per person – 1,731. That’s a possible reach of 313,311 people.

Now I want to tell you a little bit about what we were able to accomplish.

Sales Success

We increased Danielle and Linda’s sales by 32% from the week before the party and we sustained the sales for the next week too. The party’s results exceeded my expectations.


First I want to talk about the promotion of the party. This is where, like any event, you need to have a launch plan. A system that slowly ramps up the touch points until you hit a crescendo that people can’t resist.

You have to be strategic in how you let people know about the party. You can’t just announce it and expect people to show up. You need to build anticipation a few days before the event, get them all excited then give them the details. I found that creating a marketing timeline really helps clients understand when to post to social media, their blog and newsletter to get the best results.

Second thing that Danielle and Linda did well was put a lot of passion behind their promotion. They let their audience know that they were in for a special treat. Once people realized that they were in for an amazing event the buzz on Twitter and Facebook took off.

Third thing that Danielle and Linda did well was have fun at the party. They weren’t worried about the tweets. They were focused on telling great stories and building a stronger relationship with their audience. You could see how well the audience responded. They stayed on the call, tweeted long after the party was over and really enjoyed themselves.

Marketing Ripple Effect

Twitter parties give you a boost in sales and you also get more Twitter followers, email sign-ups and viewers on your website.

That’s the type of marketing that will pay for itself for many months. If you can keep their attention then you will most certainly sell even more products next time you launch something. Most online business owners know that every launch and micro-event only builds their reputation. When you create something worthy of sharing with their friends then it becomes an event that can go viral.

No Hard Sell

There are a lot of ways to create buzz around what you do, but it’s hard to actually get the buzz to a level that registers on enough people’s radar. That’s why the social component of an event is so crucial to getting the word out.

We created a panel discussion with Danielle and Linda with me as the moderator. My amazing assistant ran the @partybizconnect Twitter account. We created a clear and easy to use hashtag, which is very is important. If it’s too long then people can’t jump into the conversation very easily.

Learn more about throwing a Twitter party.

There’s no hard sell in a Twitter party. You talk about your topic, you send out targeted tweets about your product between the questions and conversations, you deliver a lot of value and let people talk about it. It’s not just some sales pitch to buy your product. It’s a chance to come and hang out with you, learn from you, win a few prizes, meet new people and just have some fun.

It also makes it easier for other people to help you promote the party. Of course they want to tell their friends about a fun online event. It’s a win-win for everyone.




Your Buzz

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