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\"\"Every week I try to bring people who have built an amazing business through great relationships.

Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips fits this perfectly. He has built a network of blogs that have he has been able to build an amazing business around.

Karl (PBC): When trying to build your network what have you done in the past that has been successful?

Daniel: First of all I did guest posts on a wide range of blogs, and this allowed me to get to know the owner of those blogs and to build a relationship.

Second, I would often link to other blogs and email the owner letting him know about the link. This would signal that my goal was always to find win-win situations.

Third, I also created types of content on my blog that would feature other people and put them under the spotlight. For example, I had interviews, rankings with the best blogs on given niches, group interviews and so on.

What is your personality type and how have you used this to your advantage when trying to build friendships?

I think I have an average personality when it comes to social relations (i.e., I am in the middle between intro and extroverts). So not sure if this helped to grow my network.

I do have a no-bs, straight to the point attitude though, and I think this definitely helps with my online interactions.

One might think that it\’s easier to fake stuff online, but I think people can smell it even through the web, so if you are a down to earth person you\’ll find that other people will notice and appreciate it.

What is your favorite way to meet new potential clients?

I think the best way to develop new leads is to have them find you. That is, I believe in creating awesome content online that will attract clients to your website. Ideally they will like your content/expertise so much that they will reach the \”Contact\” page to get in touch. It\’s what people are calling \”content marketing\”, although it can also be view as \”inbound marketing\”, which is a popular marketing trend lately.

As you’ve built your business and your tribe – How do you find people who get excited about what you do?

It\’s more or less what I described in the previous answer. You need to create content that is so damn good that visitors will read it and think \”Wow, this is sweet. I\’d better email it to my friends. Heck, I\’d better mention it on my own website to let my readers know about it!\”.

When you content managed to raise that reaction on your visitors your message will snowball across the web, and the right clients/people will find you.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone just starting a career what would it be?

Be patient and be persistent.

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