What does it take to get your customers to share you with their friends?

I was over a friends house, shooting the breeze about all kinds of stuff. I was telling him about how I needed help storing all my passwords in one place to improve my security. After my rant I reached for me beer and in mid sip I saw my friends eyes light up.

“You are gonna love this app!”

He pulled out his phone and showed me all it’s features.

I bought it right there at the table.

Why didn’t I wait?

Why didn’t I hesitate?

Because it solved my pain.

He offered a solution, answered all my objections and bam. Done.

It was an easy yes.

Your BIG domino is the thing that you do well that solves your ideal customers’ pain.

The next step and maybe most important in the conversion process is answering all their objections.

My friend showed me the app. I saw how easy it was to implement and use. I was worried about how it would work on my computer and this app worked with my MacBook too. Then I was a bit worried about the price. It was $10 for the app on my phone and $40 for the app on my computer. $50 well spent. All my objections were answered and the sale was easy.

You must be able to answer your customer objections when they arise. This is where it can get a little tricky. You have to answer all the objections that your ideal clients are having, otherwise they will leave because they think you won’t be able to help them.

They truly want to trust that you will deliver on your promises. It’s your job to show the how you will alleviate their pain.

When is the last time you went back through your website to make sure you clearly answered all your visitors objections on your landing pages and your sales pages?

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