Customer Pain Patterns


Each group of customers has a specific pain that they need help solving, but many times it’s tricky to uncover.

Many companies struggle to find and sell to the spark of pain.

My customer’s pain is not being able to close more sales. I make it easy for them to close their connection gaps so they can reach their ideal customers.

I have them fill out a form, so I can find out where they feel their sales are lacking. We set up an online meeting so I can dig even deeper. I review their website and analytics then come up with a plan that helps them see the untapped potential in their business.

See the pattern?

I do a lot of listening.

I have a friend who makes and designs t-shirts. In the beginning of his venture, every time he designed a t-shirt, he thought his t-shirt would be a hit. Most of the time he was wrong. It wasn’t until he listened to their customer\’s pain of not finding certain type of t-shirt…then he was able to generate consistent sales.

The best way to find out what your customers’ pain points are and help them solve these pains is to ask them and then simply listen. It’s the only way to get on target. That’s why building connections is so important. People will help and tell you their pain points if they know you truly care.

Are you able to connect with people who could use your help?

What do you use to create conversations?

I use my blog, phone, email, and social media, and I look for patterns.

Are you able to see any patterns that keep popping up again and again?

And do you show, not just tell your potential customers how you can help?

Give Them Tools

If someone wants to quit smoking, don’t just tell them what they already know. Show them how you can help by giving them tools that they can use. The website owner could provide group coaching sessions to give them support and help them build a community. You could offer them healthier alternatives to smoking like nicotine gum or vaping devices.

Now that you are giving them tools that they can use you are learning more about who they are and where their pain points are. You are creating more value for them and they in turn will be able to help you sell to them on products that they need.

Now you can go back to your anti-smoking t-shirt issue that is missing the mark. You could have 3 designers from 99 designs come up with a mock-up t-shirt design that does a better job of helping them promote healthier living without cigarettes. These 3 designs can be voted on by the community and the winning t-shirt will be the one printed.

Customer Feedback Loops

You have buy in on how to help them promote the concept of quitting smoking on their clothing.

Do you have feedback loops that allow you to improve your customer experience from first connection to conversion? And are you listening to the feedback and then picking one thing to improve each month?

If you aren’t testing and refining your connection systems, you are losing customers. If you’ve stopped caring about their pain as much as you once did, you’ll create more pain for them. And if you’ve turned that initial pain into more pain, they will look for someone else to solve it and talk bad about you in the process.

Do you need help with getting a better idea of your customer’s pain points? Check out the Connection System Review. We’ll go through your website and look at where you might have connection gaps so you can close them and close more sales.

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