Creative Joy Teleconference and Twitter Party

\"\"* Thanks to everybody\’s tweets at the party we were able to raise $100 for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project to support women\’s rights to tell their story.

You have creativity that is bursting to get out. It’s looking to find new perspectives on old problems.

I know that I feel bottled up at times because I don’t give myself the space and time to let all the thoughts bubble to the surface. When I do attend a retreat the ideas flow like water, my energy blows the roof off of the building and I can’t even write down my ideas fast enough.

That’s why Jennifer Louden, Susannah Conway and Marianne Elliott created the Creative Joy Twitter Party for people like you. They want to help you see things from a different perspective and help you unleash that creative joy with other amazing women.

The Party is hosted by yours truly – Karl Staib of Party Biz Connect.

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During the party you\’ll learn about:

  • Why writing is so vital to your personal joy.
  • How to replenish your empty tank with simple Yoga techniques.
  • How to see the world through different eyes to let that inner creativity free.

Mark your calendar now: Thursday, May 31st, 2012 at 9pm ET (6pm PT) Click to add to your 

How the Twitter Party Works

  • Jen and Marianne will be hanging out with you on the phone and answering your questions while we chat about bringing more joy into your life. (Unfortunately at that time Susannah will be tucked up in bed in the UK, but she’ll be with you all in spirit! :)
  • Karl (@partybizconnect on Twitter) will ask you questions and announce prizes for you to win with your answers all during our Twitter party.

How to Participate:

  1. On Thursday, May 31st, 2012 at 9pm ET (6pm PT), call this number: 1 (712) 432-0900 and enter this access code: 758266
  2. Follow along and play at Twitter Search or Tweet Chat (My favorite because it auto-populates)
  3. Join the party by tweeting using the hashtag #creativejoy
  4. Have fun, meet new friends, and win prizes.

During the Creative Joy Party we will be asking you questions related to your own experiences. To win prizes, all you have to do is let your friends know about the party, answer the questions and retweet good responses using the #creativejoy hashtag! It’s that simple.

You could win…

  • Grand Prize – A ticket to the Creative Joy Retreat with Jen, Susannah, and Marianne. ($700)*
  • A Coaching session with @jenlouden ($400)
  • One place in the autumn session of Unravelling from @susannahconway ($156, starts in September)
  • One copy of the Blogging from the Heart ebook from @susannahconway ($156)
  • One copy of the Photo Meditations ebook from @susannahconway ($140)
  • One place in the 30 Days of Yoga course from @zenpeacekeeper ($100)
  • One of Two copies of the 30 Days of Courage course – workbook + audio guide from @zenpeacekeeper ($50 each)
  • Satisfaction Finder from @jenlouden ($42)
  • One copy of This I Know from @susannahconway ($21.95)
  • The Life Organizer from @jenlouden ($19)
  • One copy of Instant Love from @susannahconway ($18.95)

* The ticket covers the retreat, but not the flight, room or board. If you are unable to attend due to a schedule conflict, you may gift the retreat to a friend.

That’s over $1,850 in prizes!


When the Creative Joy Party starts make sure you are following:

We want to make sure that you are in the loop for everything that is going on during the party and especially if you win any of the prizes.

Extra Entries

Tweet about the prize you want to win at the Creative Joy Party to increase your chances of winning a prize. At the beginning of the party, there will be a prize awarded to a person who helps spread the word about this great party via Twitter. Write your own tweet or use the following example…

Planning on attending?  Let us know by adding your Twitter name and Twitter URL.
(ex. @tinybuddha,

About the Creative Joy Retreat leaders

\"\" Jennifer Louden is a personal growth pioneer who help launch the self-care movement with her first book The Woman’s Comfort Book. She’s the author of five more books on well-being and personal wisdom that have inspired more than a million women in 9 languages. She helps creative people who want to change the world get to it, and that includes herself.

She believes self-love + world-love = wholeness for all.


Marianne Elliot is a writer, human rights advocate and yoga teacher. She created 30 Days of Yoga to help people take care of themselves so they can do their good work in the world. She’s the author of Zen Under Fire (Penguin, 2012) about her work with the UN in Afghanistan, where she found joy in yoga even in the midst of war.

She is RYT 200 with the Yoga Alliance, and Regional Leader for Off the Mat, Into the World.


Susannah Conway is a photographer, writer and the creator of the Unravelling e-courses. A Polaroid addict and very proud aunt, her first book, This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart (Globe Pequot Press), launches in June 2012. Co-author of Instant Love: How to Make Magic and Memories with Polaroids (Chronicle Books, 2012), she’s passionate about helping women reconnect to their true selves, using photography as the key to open the door.

Email Reminder

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Supported Charity – Afghan Women\’s Writing Project

\"\"10 cents for every tweet during the Creative Joy Teleseminar and Twitter party will be given to the Afghan Women’s Writing Project. AWWP believes that the right to tell one’s story is a human right. We provide a platform for Afghan women to develop their voices and discover their power in the world without the filter of the media or other influences. AWWP provides its writers with secure online workshops where they are mentored by published women authors and educators who help them craft their writing. Their stories and poems are then shared with readers on our online magazine. The project aims to promote greater economic independence for Afghan women by strengthening their self-confidence, computer literacy, and writing skills, and by encouraging the inclusion of women’s voices in Afghanistan\’s national dialogue.

41 thoughts on “Creative Joy Teleconference and Twitter Party”

  1. So thrilled that this is happening! I’d really love to go to the retreat or take one of the classes up for grabs! Thanks!

  2. Hi Aubrey, Me too. I’m excited to talk about creative joy with these two amazing women.

  3. Can’t wait to join! would love any of the prizes, but especially looking forward to attending retreat, coaching with Jen, or access to the Unravelling course! Tania xoxo

  4. Having checked out the Creative Joy retreat this morning, I gotta say – it looks fabulous! What a trifecta of goodness with you three teaching and attracting a just-right circle. See ya at the party!

  5. Hi Monica, Yes, I send out an email reminder the day of the party. I’ve tried sending out reminders the day before and the day of and the I find that people prefer just the day of reminder.

  6. I’m really looking forward to the Twitter party. I feel lost and anxious much of the time, particularly when it comes to trusting myself, allowing creativity to come to light and expressing myself in general (especially in a public forum). I’m ever hopeful, though, and know that stepping out of my comfort zone is essential to moving through this ‘surviving’ period of my life.

    So grateful to have found my way here, bundle of nerves and all. :)

  7. MelissaQuintero

    Hello !! my first twitter party E- V- E- R!!!
    look forward for tomorrow , I wish to win some prizes , I am such a fan of jenn’s work ! I will like to get to know more about what Marianne is doing, I am a yoga teacher too !!! thankssss for thiss

  8. Just found out about this party and I LOVE being creative–
    looking forward to sharing. Jen’s Retreat book inspires
    me when I lead women’s retreats.
    Thank you!

  9. I am a choreographer working from a fluid systems approach to movement for both stage works and digitally delivered dances. I am experimenting with ways to connect via Facebook, Twitter, tele and videoconference and will enjoy meeting other creatively oriented people in this relatively new way of connecting.

  10. This is exciting. i can’t wait until the party starts. Ready to be inspired!

  11. Just stumbled upon this party earlier today and am excited to participate – I’ve done tweeter parties before and really enjoy them. Plus so many great promos – but best of all is the interaction and engagement with others who are putting their creativity, passions, and joy in work/life out there. I’m on the path, and hoping to get more clarity through activities like this. Thank you Jen, Marianne, Suzannah!


  12. I am anal on tweeting. I a listening in and hope I can be added to the retreat giveaway.

    By the way this is awesome!

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