Creating Your Domino Marketing Effect in Your Next Marketing Campaign

Every project you work on has a sequence tied to it. Whether you are creating a new product or simply writing a blog post, you have to have a system that works with some creative ways of letting people know about your endeavor. If you don’t, the results will fall short of your expectations.

In terms of marketing your product or project, there are soft marketing campaigns and big marketing campaigns.

Soft campaigns are usually for people who want to test out their idea before they go full tilt on it. They can dip their toe in the water, gauge the reaction, and tweak it if it doesn’t get the response that they’ve hoped for.

A big campaign is going all out on your marketing efforts to see how much buzz you can generate. When people think of a big launch, many people think on the scale of movie ads with the actors appearing on talk shows to promote the movie and trailers constantly airing on TV. This is true but only one kind of a big campaign.  Any company can utilize a big campaign and generate buzz if they apply the right strategy within the right community.

You have to find a community that appreciates the values that you bring to the table, your conversation and where you can build their trust. This could be LinkedIn, Twitter or maybe a smaller community like a forum where you can engage and impress.

Now not all buzz is created equal.

It’s great to have 100,000 likes on Facebook, but if it doesn’t create what we call a Domino Marketing Effect where people are buying from you and telling others about your business, you won’t see a jump in sales. And if your sales don’t increase, then all your hard work was for naught.

That’s why it’s important to have all the right pieces in place so when you are ready to launch your next marketing campaign to the world, each piece tips into the next piece and continue until you create your desired effect. To do this, you’ve got to start somewhere. The best place to start is to create an event that generates excitement, engages and earns their trust. Actually, both soft and big launches need to use these three elements.

Before we dive into the elements of creating a domino marketing effect, every business must first ask themselves the question \”is our product and service worth sharing?\”. Look at your USP (Unique Selling Position). Why do people like your product or service? Why is it special?

Once you know what makes you special it’s time to create a marketing campaign that makes it easy for people to share the company with their friends.

We are going to cover the 3 main elements of a Domino Marketing Effect and give you an example of how to leverage each part.

Generate Excitement

Whether you are launching a new website or you have an ebook that you want everyone to read, you’ve got to get people excited about it. If you can’t generate excitement, then you won’t have people sharing your cool new thing with their friends and family.


The key to generating excitement is to get a core group of people talking about what you do. True Blood, an HBO series, did an amazing job of generating excitement about their new show coming out. They mailed vials of red liquid to horror bloggers who would have an audience that would be interested in a new vampire show. The mailing led them to a fictional site which showed a video of vampires debating whether they should reveal themselves to the public.

HBO had outdoor posters made up and plastered all over encouraging people to support the “Vampire Rights Amendment”. The posters encouraged people to go to the website American Vampire league which explained how vampires are trying to protect their rights. They also created a Facebook page that helped deepen the story by bringing vampires\’ lives to the surface and showing people that vampires are as flawed as people.

It was a brilliant campaign that made sharing it with others very easy.


What can you do to get people excited about your product or service? How can you encourage them to share your product or service with their friends and family?

Engage Your Customers

As a customer of all kinds of products, I appreciate when a company listens to me and helps me as effectively and efficiently as possible. When I have to call 3 times in a week to get what I want from a company, then I know they don’t like going the extra mile for me. If they aren’t willing to try hard to make me happy, then I won’t stay with them and I sure won’t share their story with my friends and family.

When a company listens to their customers they find out what is broken and can try to fix it. If they are too busy trying to make their lives easier, they are missing out on an opportunity to provide better customer service and become even more profitable.

One of the best campaigns ever created was by Red Bull. The created a live event called the Red Bull Stratos Space Jump. You were able to watch Felix Baumgartner jump off a platform in the middle of earth’s stratosphere live on YouTube. 2.5 million people tuned into to watch and 34,659,709 views have amassed on YouTube since August 2013.

Red Bull created this campaign to start a conversation with its core audience. They created a Red Bull Stratos website with a blog, social media share buttons, and a store to sell merchandise. Everything was layered to support their brand.


My father-in-law is the one that told me about this amazing world record-breaking stunt. I looked the video up on my phone as soon as he explained the stunt and now I’ve shared it with my audience.


You most likely can\’t fund a million dollar campaign, but you can use the same principles within your next campaign. Look at how people view your brand and create an event that will get people talking. If you make sandwiches, maybe you can build the tallest sandwich in the world and get local new coverage. The ideas are limitless, but not every one will work. The key is to try to engage your customers in a fun way, keep the campaign congruent with your brand and increase your word-of-mouth marketing.

Earn Their Trust

The last part to making sure your campaign is successful is earning your customers\’ trust at each step of the process. When one domino falls short and doesn’t tip into the next, the effect is broken. You’ve lost the sale.

Every profitable business knows that each launch needs to build on the last. When someone buys from you, it\’s evidence that you’ve earned their trust and if you delivered a lot of value, they are likely to buy from you again.

It’s a simple equation:

If the value the customer receives >  cost they spent/endured then they will be a happy and loyal customer.

When this equation is well executed, it works forever. Many companies can’t execute this formula because they don’t listen to their customers and encourage them to share so the company continues to improve. If customers are unhappy, they will tell you if you are willing to ask, listen and make changes.

Once you have your connection established with your clients, you have to encourage them that your product is worth their time and money.

I have a friend who almost exclusively buys Sony products because he trusts them. From his TV to his speaker system, he trusts that they won’t disappoint him.

Not everyone will be as loyal as my friend, but when people need your type of product or service, do they think of you first?


Look at how you currently earn people’s trust, then think about additional ways to take this up a few notches. Can you offer a guarantee to your buyers? Could you give them a free trial for 30 days to get them engaged with the product and see how valuable it can be?

Breaking Marketing Down to the Essential

Marketing is about creating enough reason for people to tell their friends about your valuable products or services. The more they do this, the easier it becomes to close sales.

Your Turn

What campaign could you create in your community that will engage your core customers and encourage them to share you with their friends and family?

* If you would like help creating a dynamic and shareable marketing campaign to improve your conversion rate you can contact me today and we can set-up a 20 minute discovery session to see if we are a good fit for each other.

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