How to Create a Simple System that Helps Double Your Sales This Year

Honesty is always the best policy. Right?

Then how come so many of us lie to ourselves. Oh I don\’t have time to create a new product in Q2, or I can\’t hire an assistant because it will take too long to train them.

We lie to ourselves because it\’s easier than facing the truth. The truth is we don\’t feel like dealing with the problems that will arise when taking action on a certain project. The potential problems seem to outweigh the benefits.

I lie to myself with the best of them. I hired a few assistants but I didn\’t put my full effort into making it work. I didn\’t take the time to find the right person or to train them well. I told myself I was too busy to do it, and if they were good, they would figure it out.

Wow. I laugh at myself now for thinking that way.

It was an epic failure – but it hasn\’t happened again. Now I have a vigorous interview process and I hire based on a person\’s passion and attitude.

What is holding you back from creating a simple system that helps you double your sales in 2015?





Your sales mindset?


Your mindset is the biggest reason you will or won\’t double your sales in 2015.

So what can you do about it?

You can keep doing what you are doing, which has worked because you\’ve done well in 2014, but hasn\’t gotten you to the next sales level, or you can break down your old habits and figure out where you need to put your time and energy in 2015.

Try this one technique that I used in 2014 that has helped me double my sales from 2013.

It\’s called the Breakdown Technique.

If you want to double your sales next year, break it down into chunks.  Set goals for yourself of increasing sales by 25% in Q1 and do the same thing in Q2, Q3, and Q4.

Increasing sales by 25% per quarter doesn\’t seem as daunting as thinking about doubling sales for the year. It feels doable. That\’s the Breakdown Technique.

Ok, so let\’s look at how I do this…

I look at what has brought in sales over the previous 6 months and I create a theory of how I can improve it over the next 30 to 90 days. For example if I know my sales page converted at 3% over the last 6 months then I know that if I double my traffic to the page I\’ll come close to doubling my sales or exceeding this goal. Then I create a plan on doubling my traffic through guest posting, launches, webinars, Google ads, Facebook ads, etc.

When it works I improve it for the next quarter. If it doesn\’t work at all I drop the program and try out a new theory. It\’s a simple in theory, but it\’s hard to execute. It\’s about creating habits that will help you grow your business every quarter.

In the next post, you\’ll learn how to take action on improving your sales systems using a special technique that I\’ve developed.

If you can\’t wait until the next post, you can schedule some time with me to learn about the Domino Connection Systems program to double your sales. I can walk you through what you need to do to make this happen.

You can also sign-up for access to the 4-step video training that will go live very soon. I walk my clients through as we improve their domino connection systems to grow their sales.

Karl Staib

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